Woman Is Pregnant! Shock!

The World was today shocked to learn that a 30 year old woman who got married last year is ……pregnant.

It would of course be churlish not to congratulate “Prince” William and kate on their happy event. I hope it all goes well for them and another chance to see Pippa Middleton’s bottom will be widely appreciated……surely she will be a godmother. But the whole over-the-top reaction is already in full swing.

On a serious note it cannot do anybody, especially Kate to have so much attention at this early stage. I speak with some sad experience in that regard. And simply having various doctors on rolling news channels explain excessive vomiting, and drips being set up……is really too much information. Most women and indeed most men do not need it all spelt out. Even for “Royals” this is all a pretty personal experience.

And yet the contradiction is that a “Royal” pregnancy is a very public…indeed constitutional event. It is risible but the life Kate has in her womb is a future Head of State……if it is a boy.

Silly Season begins early. The next few days will be like………well like er Christmas for assorted tweedy “Royal” watchers and the “friends of Kate” telling all on Sky News, Fux News and the Sun “Gawd Bless You Ma’am” and there will probably be a special edition of “Hello” magazine.

It is a mixed day for Republicans……English and Irish………the British are fairly good at letting the “Royal” family promote traditional values or an agenda such as the Olympics.

English Republican journalists and alternative comedians (but arent too many of them becoming “establishment” lately?) will scoff…..and so will Irish Republicans. Some of course will pay some lip service “congratulations”. And we wont be able to stop our wives watching far too much of it all on television.

Little we can do about it…..except of course bring my #1 grandson into it. Two days before the “Royal” Wedding he managed to break the satellite dish and we were without TV until about twenty minutes after Kate had married Wills.

If you are going to be without TV for a few days…..there is no better time than  a “Royal” event.

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1 Response to Woman Is Pregnant! Shock!

  1. I didn’t see William but there is sod all chance that he could have looked as delighted as Cameron.

    Thankfully, all the insanity was balanced, for me, by Twitter reaction from the like of Sonia Poulton

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