Take It Down From The Mast

So First Minister Robinson….apart from all that unpleasantness at the City Hall…how is your outreach to Catholics going?

I watched the council debate on a “stream” and I actually enjoyed it. The UUP looked right out of touch. Jim Rodgers, Bob Stoker and davey Browne looked and spoke like dinosaurs and even one of them (I think it was Stoker) managed to get in an old 1960s jibe about Catholics liking the half-crown but not being fussed on the Crown.

The DUP are a younger fresher looking bunch but scratch away the fresh coat of paint and the old bigotry remains. Ruth Patterson brought a tear to my eye (well actually she didnt) with that sob story about how her best friends were Catholic girls and when the Troubles broke out, they were not allowed to play with her.

Boo Hoo Cllr Patterson. I think thats what the unionist case boiled down to…….”half crown/crown” and “some of my best friends…”.

Meanwhile Robinson tells us……and some letsgetalongerists swallow it……that there is a whole lot of Catholics out there just ready to embrace the glorious union. Who does he think hes kidding.

Nationalism in Crisis? As a SDLP colleague put it on Twitter tonight….the evidence of our eyes is that Unionism is in crisis.

Have I mentioned the 1960s recently? Oh I have. Yes Divis Street Riots. Tonight we saw it all. Republicans effectively removing the British Flag.

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32 Responses to Take It Down From The Mast

  1. Kafflik Outreach is going very well by the looks of things. I see Fick Mealty has slightly twisted your observation regarding Divis St 1964 and the flying of a tricolour as a reason why the buther’s apron should have stayed up.

    Of course, it will fly on designated days still, but that’s not a compromise now is it?

    Great evening for Nationalism, hollowing out unionist symbols of the state from the inside. Keep it up lads.

    • ardmajell55 says:

      This demonstration of bullying by the mob robinson and Nesbitt brought on to the streets is only the beginning as unionism rages against the dying of the light as they see their wee colony going away from under them. ‘How does it fee to be without a home’

      • In all fairness Ard, these guys do have a home and as much as I don’t like them (I do have some respect for Robbo tbf, little for Nesbitt as I see him as a buffoon) I would not wish them away from here. BTW, I am not saying that you are saying that, I just wanted to clarify myself on this.

        As for them having a home to pull this type of nonsense again, nope, that is starting to disappear and they don’t really like that, regardless of the hot air that comes from them on the matter to the contrary.

      • ardmajell55 says:

        footballcliches. I get where you’re coming from on this, I misused the Dylan quote slightly. A point that went completely over the mob’s heads was stormont has the flag on certain days only and i don’t recall anight like last night back then. I’m going over to the Spotlight recording shortly so this where i sign off tonight.

      • No worries Ard. Hope Spotlight went well, I imagined it got somewhat heated at times.

  2. hoboroad says:

    Well done to all the SDLP and SF and Alliance party councillors. A good job done.

  3. Interesting to note that the solution eventually arrived at was originally put on the table by SF and taken off by the SDLP. It is Alliance party (#GetAlongerist) policy.

    FC, howso twisted?

  4. According to Rob’s/Fealty/NILT stats, there must have been keffliks protesting in favour of keeping our wee flag fluttering 365. Take it they’re the ones that got lifted 🙂

  5. sammymcnally says:


    Having been tipped off by Hoboroad I watched the debate, the mayor was excellent and I enjoyed the PUP guys relaxed style. Unlike you I was move somewhat by Madame Patterson – but thems th

  6. sammymcnally says:

    e ways.

    Unionism has a point and apart from the violence and anti-Alliance stuff a lot of it was genuinely felt. It is just that the denial of the reality of the implications of the GFA and the ‘Peace Process’ hasnt yet sunk in – or perhaps cant be allowed to sink in for political purposes i.e. a majority/arge number of Unionists are probably sill fundamentally agin it.

  7. Forgot to mention the PUP. Designated days had been their policy, but they abandoned it when there was game on at BCC.

    No doubt for the crack.

  8. Really Mick? As you’re not a Nat I’ll explain it for you buddy. One is bringing in line the flying of a flag so that it is no longer as divisive as before or seen as sectarian one upmanship by one party, the other was a crazy preacher showing his absolute hatred for his neighbours.

    Question, how do you remotely see both events as related?

  9. Well, yes. But I asked you how you thought I’d twisted what John said, and only got a question. So can we try and again and take this in sequence?

  10. Okay, for the sake of peace and since I am not sure what I’m supposed to be responding to, here’s my take.

    There is no statute in NI that regulates the flying of flags on local government buildings in the way that it does over Stormont’s institutions. In England and Wales there is no statute governing flags and emblems period. It is no business of the law there, and to my knowledge there never has been.

    The precedence for the state interfering with what can and cannot be flown is in that odious law brought into old Stormont in 1954, the Flags and Emblems Act which triggered the Dover Street conflagration.

    It was a piece of triumphalist crap, which is now resting in the dustbin of history. Except we are now dealing with its orphaned twin, thou shalt not fly the flag of the jurisdiction we all (however reluctantly) belong to.

    This was an expensive political ambush on the fleg flying 360 days of the year outside the City Hall. Was it a problem? We can be definitive on the fact that it wasn’t because BCC spent a fortune on consultation that in end was weighed at precisely nothing.

    Most people (see the latest on Slugger for the research on this) do not notice a fleg flying outside City Hall. Back in the day you could barely see the Ulster Says No banner that was slung up after the Anglo Irish Agreement. The building is massive and detailed and kills that kind of ornamentation.

    Now the unemployment rates of London slung up on County Hall by Ken Livingston were so effective that when the Tories eventually killed off the GLA they sold the building to the private sector as a stake in old Ken’s corporate heart to make sure he never again could taunt them like that.

    The DUP say that they did not pick this fight. And they are correct in that. But, I’m left with the question, what’s wrong with designated days? They could have cut a deal early on that with the Alliance party and the Shinners and let the Stoops (and their anti #GetAlongerist internet wing) trail in behind them.

    That do ya?

  11. sammymcnally says:


    re. “BCC spent a fortune on consultation that in end was weighed at precisely nothing.”

    SF and the SDLP as representatives of the Nat community have interpeted their mandate as promoting at least a ‘neutral’ civic environment – arguably they have called that correclty.

    Unless there are Orange flavoured boundary changes in Belfast then if and when the number of Nat councillors go from 24 to 26 then it may well be cherrio designated days and hello tricolour (possibly with the British flag if Nats get a concesion elsewhere).

    That is what democracy based on a gerrymandered border gets you with the delicious Green irony that the demographic boot (in terms of party strength at least) is increasing with the left footers.

    As mentioned elsewhere, the changing of the flag is but the natural outworking of the Peace Process with Unionist leaders not having the sense to encourage their community to accept what they have, ie a border and what they are likley to lose i.e. what they refer to as the British culture.

    • Sammy,

      Nail on the head with the above.

    • ardmajell55 says:

      I can’t help wondering if the protests have moved on from the flag removal to a more general show of rage about the way the signs of britishness are on the wane, and could it possibly be that mishievious DUP figures who have seen the census figures and tipped off the loyalists to put more bite into the anti alliance riots. A significant proportion of those catholics who didn’t answer the religious question in the 2001 census, may have decided to accept it last year after being disappointed with the 2001 returns which could distort this years figures. I don’t trust Nisra not to massage the outcomes before publishing them on Tuesday.to avoid scaring the horses especially with what’s going on now.

  12. Spot on Sammy. That’s more or less what I told Al Jaz this morning. It’s a “hell slap it into the Prods” moment. I just don’t think the frison will last politically.

    The DUP’s mistake was to hold on to the reaction and not do like SF do and ride the blow and go with it.

  13. ardmajell55 says:

    FC [12.48] Only got back here from belfast at the time your comment was posted. Appeared briefly on screen ten minutes from end while mcNarry was blethering on about shooping malls. Have we posted on same forum somewhere else?

    • McNarry, why is this man getting media attention, he’s a waste of space and a prime example of how the media is really failing in its job.

      I don’t know Ard, I have posted on occasion on P.ie and over on BD’s place while I don’t know if you have posted on my place though I could be mistaken

  14. ardmajell55 says:

    FC. I have spent a year or so at P.ie, [crosses himself] under a different alias, [daniels], but haven’t posted there for months. Too much ploughing over the same ground there and posters talking past each other. They’ve disabled my acc there since, I see.

  15. Ard, I failed to mention I posted over on SOT under my actual name, Kevin Barry, so it may have been there, however, I have posted recently over on my own page as to why I no longer do though I may be tempted to change my mind as it seems to be somewhere a bit more amenable to decent comment as opposed to what it was at a certain stage a few months ago. At that point while FJH quite nobly felt compelled to keep commenting I simply did not want to give the place any more oxygen or exposure.

    Saw this over on the Graniuad, interesting though simplistic reading, BTL is very good too


  16. ardmajell55 says:

    FC. I’ve been in and out of SoT since first signed up in Feb ’09. Even tried the notorious DebCentralRegurgitated. they improve and disimprove in waves. I haven’t worked out yet the acrynom BD in your earlier post. Not familiar with it. More loyalist rioting tonight and Aliance office burned according to BBC News. Arlene Foster might just decide to leave the ‘NI as a tourist mecca’ fantasy in her dreams where it always belonged.

    • Ard, BD stands for Bangor Dub, sincerest apologies.

      I always try and tell people how good it is to go home, whether for a night out in the Duke of York, eat in the Mourne Seafood Restaurant, visit the Chrimbo Market etc and this happens; my friends think I’m a risk junkie tbf

      • ardmajell55 says:

        fc. I’m a bit isolated from all that up here, as I’ve only lived in belfast in the seventies. BangorDub of course. Another former talkback board veteran, I expect.

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