Newspapers…Just Boycott Them

Apparently daily sales of newspapers have gone down from 13 million to 8million in just a decade. It strikes me therefore that the Newspaper industry are on thin ground congratulating themselves that they have David Cameron on their side and he has kicked “Lord” Leveson’s Report into touch.

Let’s be frank here. He set up an Enquiry. The proposals from Leveson seem simple enough….a new system of self regulation (that was surely always going to happen) and backed by a fairly modest statutory arrangement. The Media have started talking about “Freedom of the Press” and all this being the thin end of the wedge and we will all end up like North Korea. All of which would be laughable if it was not for the fact that the tabloid press abused that freedom so blatantly.

Actualy it might be a good time for “real” Journalists to distance themselves from Tabloidists. …their unethical colleagues do little to enhance the media.

What Cameron has done is lead the victims…….celebrity and civilian ……up the garden path. He praises Leveson, salutes the courage of the victims before stabbing them in the back. Journalists sympathise with victims and then say that the victims cant have a veto……..which would make sense if it wasn’t for the fact that some local journalists build up the the cases of victims of our Troubles…like they should have a veto.

If British Army, loyalists and IRA cannot look victims in the face…or feel comfortable in their presence………then the same is true of journalists who cannot look victims of phone hacking in the eyes.

It is a simple choice. We can support the Media or we can support the Victims. With only eight million people buying newspapers tomorrow, then surely it is time……if we feel strongly enough to simply refuse to hand over seventy pence or whatever for a newspaper. Bottom line is…….do we really need it? How much of it will we actually read.

Just as handy to sit on the train with an ipad, iphone, ipod or kindle.

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8 Responses to Newspapers…Just Boycott Them

  1. bangordub says:

    This is a really important point.
    There is an argument that certain “Newspapers” have become self important blogs, nothing more. They are opinion driven rather than news and ivestigative organs. That is a self destructive behaviour. Many blogs including this one are far more literate and analytical than the nonsense printed in the msm.
    The way forward is for newspapers to apply their resources to investigate and break stories. Analysis and interpretation are lost to them

    • I see that the Hacked Off people have launched an online petition but I wonder if a boycott would be more effective.
      The really interesting thing is the way that the press have come out fighting since the Report was published.
      Interviews with Trevor Kavanagh of the Sun seem everywhere …..and even Kelvin McKenzie has started showing his face again.
      Might be interesting if the Hacked Off people got together with the Hillsborough people.
      But even in the Kavanagh type interviews there seems a hint of compromise which suggests thay will accept a watered down version of statute.

      • bangordub says:

        Make no mistake, the MSM have agreed a co-ordinated response in advance to Levinson. It is now being played out. Witness the patronising nonsensical editorial in todays Bel Unionograph.
        It was obviously a joint effort and not drafted by the titular editor

      • bangordub says:

        In addition, and if further evidence is required, can you draw a single, slim, dividing line between any of the UK papers today in their response? Even one?

      • Quality editors and tabloids together.
        Only the Govt can legislate and that means regardless of what the Commons thinks there will be no legislation without pressure.
        If there wasa Tory held seat ina by election that would be pressure.
        But Phone hacking was about being one step ahead of rivals. It was Money not Principle.
        And thats the place that Newspapers are vulnerable.
        The Govt and Newspapers will want to cobble together a solution which does not involve legislation….and they are hoping that the issue will go away by 2015.
        This puts the onus on the Hacked Off people and those of us in agreement to act quickly……boycott!

  2. bangordub says:

    Did you read a certain Mr F today on the Alliance and SDLP?
    Why is there an agenda to align the SDLP with the UUP? It’s even annoying me at this stage

  3. Cameron has screwed this up royally. Clearly, a man who doesn’t know what (nor that america joined WWII after the British) LOL stands for has serious issues with modern technology and social media will show him the power of the technological democracy, as it did the News of the Screws.

    The power of the opposition, the Mc Canns, Dowlers and the very articulate Chris Jeffries, is too much for even Cameron’s arrogance to ignore. No doubt, there will be yet another u-turn with a poor face saving compromise but what has certainly happend, and IMHO one of the main aims of the Guardo, is sever damage to Cameron, a man who is even a joke within his own party.

    As an aside, I am constantly amazed that the ConDems implementation of a 5 year fixed term was not met with outrage. It was like something I would expect from some banana republic.

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