G8: Ulster Scots Translation Service

Predictably over on Stratagem O’Toole, the third Dimpleby brother, Brian puts the Great G8 Summit right up there with the “UK City of Culture” as things to showcase Norn Iron next year. Sometimes I think Brian Dimbleby is a unionist.

But surely apart from providing world leaders with a photo opportunity, Barak Obama at the Ulster-American Folk Park and President and Mrs Obama tucking into an “Ulster Fry/Occupied Six County Fry” as cooked by Mrs Bangor Dub…the real boost to the local economy will be work for Ulster-Scots translators. At last…….a purpose for Nelson McCausland.

With my trusty Ulster-Scots dictionary (please dont laugh) I have worked out that “thon big article from Germany that disnae like them Greeks ….I wuddnt go home tae that wan with my pay packet opened……..did you see the aul bake on her” is actually Ulster-Scots for “Angela Merkel”.

Meanwhile I dont know how they will describe the Japanese Prime Minister. “Is thon wan Japanese or Chinese shure what odds about it…..he might be thon Mr Sulu aff Star Trek” seems a reasonable assumption.

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