G8 Summit…Another Circus

So all the hotels in County Fermanagh are booked up for two weeks next year. “Security Reasons”. Which means that next year’s G8 Summit will be held in County Fermanagh. Thus Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness will be given yet another photo-opportunity to showcase how wonderful they are…..and how wonderful the ordinary people of Norn Iron are.

Anther circus. Another PR Triumph. Just like the MTV Awards in 2010.Just like the Titanic. and just like the “Jubilee” in 2012. Just like “Derry-Londonderry (sic)…UK (sic) City of Culture in 2013.

Bad enough that we have to host Justin Bieber. We now have to host Angela Merkel.

We are being fed an updated version of the “Bread & Circus” Diet which Roman Emperors fed to their citizens.


The reality of Norn Iron is not MTV, or Titanic or City of Culture crap……..the reality of Norn Iron is that prison officer Robert Black was murdered three weeks ago. The reality of Norn Iron is the behaviour of Jim Wells (debated in Assembly yesterday).


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5 Responses to G8 Summit…Another Circus

  1. bangordub says:

    You are angry Mr Fitz. Understandable. What are your suggestions re protest?

    • Im not optimistic re protest.
      It SHOULD be a SDLP issue but they seem already to be welcoming it.
      This is the problem with the “Circus” element. Nobody in Derry can really protest at “UK City of Culture”. Not only does it seem like the act of a political dinosaur…there ARE money making opportunies. Even Job Creation.
      Likewise Titanic…..the phrase “a boost to the local economy¬£ covers a multitude of sins and I should be realistic enough that other people need these opportunities much more than a retired old duffler like myself.
      The precedent is that the Travelling Circus will come and go. Angela Merkel, Barak Obama, David Cameron and the rest will be treated to some Irish Dancing and probably Lambeg Drum bashing and Peter and Martin will get a photo op alongside them and Lough Erne.
      And there will be a multitude of hard core diverse protestors but they wont get anywhere near the venue.
      The point is that I am NOT against “normalisation”…….I am against this nonsense as a substitute for Normalisation.

  2. bangordub says:

    There will be no local economy boost other than journalists in local hotels.
    I may attend just to annoy the lot of them

  3. bangordub says:

    Mrs Bangordub has kindly offered to provide B&B for Barak should he wish. She draws the line, however, at Cameron and Merkel.

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