This Blog Is Going “International”

In early February next year…..I will be heading off to the United States. A friend has invited me to speak to her classes in a series on…………Conflict Resolution. Very excited about this. But it means I have to “up my game” a little…even a lot. It is all very well writing a blog which seeks to irritate “letsgetalongerists” and their fellow travellers. ….but appearing in front of a bunch of academics is a whole different story.

I have actually been working on some papers for a few weeks now. My hostess will …I hope…edit them.

It is both exciting and challenging. I am reminded of the Pogues song “Body of An American” which contains the line…

“…there were uncles giving lectures on ancient Irish History”.

I am “THAT Uncle”. Now writing a series of papers to present to Americans is actually quite difficult. My first paper begins with “In AD 1169……” and three pages later I write”so this brings me to AD 1170″. Hmmm too much detail?

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25 Responses to This Blog Is Going “International”

  1. Mark. says:

    Oh the irony ….. LOL . As you said , it sounds very exciting . Will Mrs FJH be joining you …or is that a silly question ? Anyway a nice way to spend ” Springbreak ” as the yanks would say .

    • Alas I will be going alone.
      I will be the house guest of the Alpha Delta Kappa Omega Delta Gamma Alpha Sorority Cheerleaders.
      In an effort to understand the etiquette and protocols of American College Life, I have hired a DVD called “National Lampoons Animal House”

      • Mark. says:

        You Dog FJH !! ……Great Movie – John Belushi was hilarious as was Tim Matheson ( he also played the VP in the West Wing and the baddie in Fletch ) .

        Americans really know how to enjoy college life . You’re in good hands with those lovely sorority girls . ” Oh I just lovvvvve that accent Mr Fitzjameshorse ” .

      • And if you recall the trip to Emily Dickinson (Girls) College to propose to his “girlfriend” who it turns out had been killed in a crash.
        Hanging around Dominic Healys and Gamblers Anonymous is not nearly as good.

  2. bangordub says:

    Right. A lesson in brevity is required. You, Mr Fitz are notoriously verbose. May I quote John McGahern?

    • Only if I can use the quote in my Address To The American Nation calls my paper. Unfortunately Mrs FJH has had to listen to my speech on several occasions and actually time it.

      • bangordub says:

        Edit, Edit, Edit and when you think you have finished editing, edit again

      • All my words are my “babies”. I love all of them equally.
        There are various ways round this.
        For the moment I am throwing EVERYTHING onto the PC. My hostess will be able to say……your audience “need” that bit……….or they “will already know” that bit.
        Not joking about the potential to be a book…….at least a memoir for my sons.
        In 2008/09 I wrote a dissertation which my spervisor agreed could go beyond 8,500 words (its actually about 11,500) because of its importance to me as “legacy”
        The idea was that in retirement I would expand it. But Ive got side-tracked into blogging. As you know, I have never taken blogging seriously and the pieces I am doing for USA have unleashed my inner seriousness.

  3. kalista63 says:

    Is Mark trying to get off with fjh’s Missus when he is away? I like your opportunist instincts Mark. Reminds me of when I used to hang around Healy’s funeral directors to pick up emotionally vulnerable women.

    Delighted about the gig FJH.

  4. Mark. says:

    LOL …… I normally go to Gamblers anonymous meetings when the well is running dry ( so to speak ) .

  5. kalista63 says:

    Having discovered how adverse I am to commitment, I now hang around palliative self help groups ( think I’ve watched Fight Club way too many times)

  6. kalista63 says:

    It’s a lot like an 18 month mobile contract

  7. kalista63 says:

    A little…..Emm….boning up for you Fjh

    • Actually I was in that “Homer Goes To College” situation myself a few years ago. Going back to QUB aged 53.
      Mrs FJH was asked by her sister if she was worried about me and all those young 18 year girls. And rather disappointingly I thought Mrs FJH said “Nahhh”.
      By the way if my sons are reading this, your mother is having a laugh at this.

  8. pippakin says:

    Well done FJH. Looking forward to your posts from there. I hope there will be some

  9. pippakin says:

    I hope so FJH. How exciting! I’ve just been reading another blog. A very talented writer, such a vivid imagination! I have to say some of the best writers I’ve come across have been bloggers.

    I hope you shine in the US and I wish you luck with your book. As you may know I love to write as much as I love to read so who knows…..Enjoy!

  10. sammymcnally says:

    Best of luck sounds really interesting.

    The yanks relationship with the indigenous population is interesting (as per your previous ‘injun’ posts) – they ethniccleansed them into reservations but becuase it was a while back and they have built a few skyscrapers(and admittedly are the biggest global economy) then it simply not somehow considered relevant.

    Ironically Irish America can whinge about the Englezes whilst not interested in the land grab upon which they sit.

    … as illustrated on this side of the Atlantic and as celebrated in the offensive nomenclature e.g. Londonderry the implications of ethic cleansing are not only sometimes dismissed as no longer relevant but are actually celebebrated.

    • Sammy…its actually a bit of a wake up call to me.
      To some extent in Blogging I can spoof, spar and snipe with the best.
      But this is serious stuff…and I really have to “up my game”.

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