Four More Years

It is 3.10pm…..I am exhausted. I stayed up until 6am. I am getting too old for this. I remember the days when I stayed up all night for American Elections and was still able to go out to school, university and work. God.

Wasn’t it great? I was flicking thru channels…….BBC, ITV, Sky, CNN, NBC……and the wonderfully fair and balanced Fux News. …..who had a panel of fair and balanced experts …….all Republicans.

Highlights of the Night….I think NBC called Ohio and the Election first. The others then weighed in…including Fux. Karl Rove thought it was too soon…..which led to the bimbo, airhead blonde co-anchor walking down to the room (followed by a camera crew) to ask the experts behind the scenes in the “Decision Room” if Karl had a point……..and no he didn’t.

Later there was the spectacle of watching fair and balanced Republicans tear each other apart.

On one of the channels…..someone said that Republicans can no longer just rely on their core vote and hope for “independent support”. By any measure …..the Economy, Guantanamo Bay,Unemployment……..Obama is a failure. It should have been a “slam dunk” for Republicans. To get the nomination in the first place, Romney had to pander to the worst elements (including of course the Tea Party) in the GOP. Yet to hope to win election he had to seem more moderate….and independents saw thru it.

I do not of course like “fiscal conservatives” but they should at least be in a position to pitch their analysis to the American people. They failed. There is an echo of 1980s Britain……Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister forom 1979 to 1990 (and her Tory successor John Major until 1997)…..eighteen years when the Labour Opposition could not get its act together and seem a credible alternative even to an electorate who hated Thatcher. Likewise Labour ruled the roost from 1997 to 2010 at a time when Tories were in disarray.


In the forty four years that I have been watching American elections there have been landslide victories but increasingly USA seems to be Red and Blue on the map. Last night Romney “took back” Indiana and North Carolina but (with Florida awaited) thats just about all he could manage.

It is a cliché of American Politics that Democrats take black votes for granted and Republicans ignore black votes. Clearly the Republicans can no longer do this. As one analyst put it “the Republicans have run out of white men”.

I think this analyst was Charles Thomas, a radio host from Chicago and friend of Obama ……his performance was stellar. Speaking from Obama’s Chicago headquarters he looked around and said “this place LOOKS like America but when I look at Boston (the Romney supporters were almost all white) that doesnt look like USA to me”.

That just about covers it.

Under the radar perhaps, there was some nice victories in the Senate including Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin, the first openly gay Senator.

And of course we have Donald Trump calling for the sustem to be overthrown. His Hair has disassociated itself from this comment.

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7 Responses to Four More Years

  1. kalista63 says:

    Typical of me, I was watching Russia Today (best eye candy to fill the time) and Al Jazeera. The Beeb coverage would have been bettered by two stoned commentating whilst satisfying their munches. I ran out of tobacco about half two, so soon headed nervously to bed.

    Most surely, the highlight for me was the rigged voting machine ( transferring Obama votes to Romney, of course) and these Trump Tweets.

    On another note, I’m constantly bemused by american’s understanding of middle class. Just how low does ones’s job have to be before they class you as working class?

    • I think its a classic case of two continents (to abuse what Churchill said) being divided by a common political language. Words like “working class”, “middle class”, “liberal” “conservative” have different nuances.
      Its like going to USA with an electric razor and forgetting to bring an adaptor.

  2. kalista63 says:

    Looking at Channek 4 news ( the only decent news programme in the UK) it seems that, it was demographics that killed the beast.

    I ALS heard a former Mc Cain aid on Radio Ulster whinging about the forgotten white man. I then saw an American white woman on Newsline give off about Obamacare like a lion contemplating eating the man that’s removing the thorn from its paw. It kind of reminded me of the professional yappers nearer to home who have issues with demographic changes and modernity.

    • It is incredible that some will now look on themselves as a “minority”…..a bit like the Ulster Scots here.

      • kalista63 says:

        Yep. One of my abiding memories is how unionists used to spit out the term” the minority’. This year we had them compare themselves to Ghandi and the anti Apartheid movement, the latter being the best joke of all, given their closeness.

    • Oakleaf says:

      By the next election Latinos will have caught up with and start to overtake the Black vote.

      If the republicans got their act together they could get a good lump of that vote. Relations between the black community and latinos wouldn’t be friendly to say the least.

      Bust got 40% of the latin vote compated to 20% yesterday. Its time for republicans to kick the tea party out or else die.

      • Its interesting that the Latino vote for Republicans fell so much.
        The Latino vote includes a lot of Catholics and the Republicans probably calculated on SOME support on account of abortion, gay marriage stance etc.
        For Latinos….immigration (and the problems of illegals including health care) is a big issue. It is an issue with the Tea Party…..they are against migration (basic racism)….whereas the fiscal conservatives actually welcome it.
        There is a genuine battle for the soul of the Republican Party. And a few years ago the Tea Party looked like a tiger that conservatives could ride.
        Now they need to dump it…and quickly.

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