President Visits Belfast

An t-Uachtarán na h-Éireann will be visiting Belfast today. He will be speaking at the annual meeting of the Citizen Advice people before going on to visit Clonard Monastery in West Belfast. I should point out that Mrs FJH will be there.

The set piece will be a speech by President Ó hUiginn to the British Council at Queens University Belfast. The great and the good in the Golden Halo of LetsGetAlongerism will be there. Wonder if Deirdre Heenan will be there. She is a member of his Council of State. Wonder if former-member Quintin Oliver (a former member) will be there.


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10 Responses to President Visits Belfast

  1. Anything to report then?

  2. bangordub says:

    MIcheal D is a legend Mr Fitz ! I hope Mrs FJH enjoyed her evening

  3. bangordub says:

    Try telling a Fermanagh girl! lol

  4. kalista63 says:

    Anyone on hear seeking to find mindfull emptiness need only ask> Deidre Heenan, why?

    A tree falling in an empty forest does indeed make a noise, Heenan does not.

    • Deirdre Heenan seems to be everywhere at the moment. She is on Higgins’ Council of State, among other things…..and I expect she will on TV a lot next year with the Council of State.
      I WANT to like her but I havent really heard her say anything brilliant.

  5. kalista63 says:

    Speeking of transitory LGAists, whatever happened to Paula Bradshaw? I miss her justifying racist attacks on young eastern European women in the village area and how trying to kick a young Cathollc film extra to death was just jealousy

  6. kalista63 says: second last post> Here, not hear

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