Quentin And The Chocolate Factory

I gave in and watched the Digital Lunch on Slugger O’Toole. I always find people getting misty-eyed about the possibilities of Online Journalism a bit hard to take. Bloggerati are right up there with “pigeon fanciers” in the single-minded obsession stakes.

My ears picked up at mention of the Capital Assets Transfer-Stratagem-Rowntree episode of several months ago. This was an ill-starred initiative on Slugger which went down like a lead balloon with regulars. Pearls before Swine (like myself).

As Quentin Oliver pointed out…some people (hopefully he included me) were/are suspicious of Rowntree money.

As he pointed out there is “nothing more innocent than chocolate money” “Quaker money “.

Well quite. Donating money for research into Capital Assets Transfer seems harmless enough. Its not exactly giving money to a Mexican Drug Cartel.

But “Chocolate Money” is the kinda thing we hang on Christmas Trees every year. The real point which Mr Oliver seemed to miss that £97,000 of very real money has gone from Rowntree to the Alliance Party…….and thats not so innocent.

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  1. bangordub says:

    Just left 2 comments there, waiting for an answer, am genuinely interested

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