Olympic Stamps

I know very little about British postage stamps but to illustrate this post, I have uploaded a photograph of Ireland’s 2012 Olympic stamps.

 It was a long standing convention with most of the World’s “respectable” post offices that living people should not be portrayed on postage stamps. I tend to agree with that. Alas things change. In 1979, Ireland issued a stamp featuring Pope John Paul II to mark his historic visit to Ireland. Many stamp collectors felt this was a thin end of a wedge and Ireland has subsequently issued stamps depicting (among others) Paul O’Connell,Van Morrison, Brian Friel and Roy Keane. All very worthy but it is a hostage to fortune. Issuing a stamp after a person has actually died is a reflection on their entire contribution to a nation.

For example if in 1990 …..Britain had issued a set of stamps depicting 1970s Pop Music Legends and included Gary Glitter in the set, it would have appeared acceptable. Yet a set of stamps depicting Mr Glitter who turned out to be a paedophile would now not happen…..despite the undoubted excellence of “Do You wanna Be in My Gang”.

The decision therefore of the British Post Office to issue stamps depicting Gold Medal winners…….just one day after the victories is both understandable and regrettable. Already it is possible to go into one of five hundred post offices and buy a Bradley Wiggins stamp and the “women rowers” stamp.

In part the British Post Office is showing off its technology. Templates exist in six secure printing centres. A photograph of the winning athlete is then digitally……..er actually I dont understand the process at all…….but basically after printing, the stamps are taken in a fleet of vans accross Britain where they will go on sale in the five hundred biggest offices.

What can possibly go wrong? Well bearing in mind that…….ahem tests will be carried out…..it might have been better to wait (say) three days before rushing out the stamps. You get my drift here?


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3 Responses to Olympic Stamps

  1. bangordub says:

    Sorry for being off topic but have you seen this?
    Apparently Alliance is short of a few bob! Perhaps we should organise a petition to Strategem via Slugger?
    I see the SDLP have doubled their income too. No doubt down to the fact that word has got around about you being back in the fold 🙂

    • Ive actually mentioned this on a blog post “SDLP….Reason To Be Cheerful” and suggested that Quintin might be on the phone to Rowntree on behalf of the Alliance Party.
      Im not so sure that SDLP feel great about me being in the Party. But I think theres a definite feeling of optimism around. Reccruitment certainly UP and Donations certainly UP.
      Good signs.
      Meanwhile I notice Slugger had a digital lunch today. When I popped in it was just Mick and Quintin from Stratagem.
      By the way have I ever mentioned Stratagem advise the Rowntree people……..who have donated £97,000 to Alliance Party since 2007?
      And have I ever mentioned that Stratagem is a partner of Slugger O’Toole?
      Anyway I didnt hear what Quintin was saying as I turned the sound off. I find thats best. LOL

  2. bangordub says:

    I think you should take heart from the fact that they aren’t having much luck

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