The Olympics……So Far

As you probably gathered, there is little blogging these days. The Olympics is the big thing in the Fitzjames Horse household. I thought that Opening Ceremony was actually quite good. It annoyed a Tory MP so it must have been ok…… was actually Britain at its best. There are actually two British attitudes to Britain and its history. One is smug, the other is humour…….and Danny Boyle leaned towards humour…..a recognition of the really good contribution Britain has ade to the world. Perhaps Tory MP Andrew Burrell would have preferred more Trafalgar, Spitfires and jewel in the Crown “Raj” stuff but you cant really do that in front of French, German and Indian……or 200 other nations.

Yes it went well. The Irish team looked good. The British looked like several hundred Elvis Presley impersonators at a Las Vegas Convention.

So far… good for Ireland. The three boxers who have boxed so far have all won. Lisa Kearney performed well in Judo and Chloe Magee won her first round Badminton match. Eoin Rheinisch has made it thru to the Canoe Slalom Final. The Star Class sailors have started well. The Swimmers have been poor and the cyclists were anonymous in the Road Race.

For the British, I was glad to see Rebecca Adlington pick up Bronze, a fitting rebuke to Frankie Boyle. And pleased that the British women cyclists did better at the Road Race  than the over-hyped men. Most amusing thing so far has been the cycling commentators announce dramatically that several men had got off their bikes……only to realise that they had stopped to take a whizz/slash/pee……oh whats the posh word ….yes thats it………urinate.

Zero points for the organisation. Those empty seats at Gymnastics, Tennis, Badminton, Swimming. The Games were sold as the Peoples Games. No such thing. This is all “Corporate”. The role of the people of London is to pay for the damn thing and provide local colour. Of course the organisers will be shamed into giving the empty seats to students, nurses and of course “our boys” just back from Afghanistan but it will fool nobody.

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