Hazel Irvine

Possibly the worst thing about realising that it is Olyympic Yeat….2012, 2008, 2004 whatever is realising that there will be far too much of Hazel Irvine presenting Olympic coverage on BBC. Several years ago Hazel was the new person taking over BBC Grandstand from veterans David Coleman, David Vine and Harry Carpenter. Alas there is no more Grandstand…..and Hazel was shipped back to Scotland. And every four years she appears on network screens. Actually she might still have the “Snooker” gig.

She excelled herself at the Olympic Opening Ceremony as part of a curious three-person team put together by the Beeb. She handled the “sporty stuff”, Huw Edwards did the “real life stuff” and Trevor Nelson did the “yoof stuff”. A curious mix and one which misfired when they spoke about drought and/or civil war in one or more North African country. As Hazel helpfully reminded us, the Olympics provides the unfortunate people in Niger (or was it Mali or Chad?) the opportunity to compete “on a level playing field”.

As Wendi Austen nears the end of her broadcasting career, it is good to know that Hazel will be with us for several years (but thankfully not until 2016). But the big question is ……….will we ever see Wendi address a Sinn Féin conference? And will we ever see Hazel at a Scottish Nationalist Party rally?


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