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The Decline & Fall of the American Empire

Americans always get irritated if it is suggested that United States of America is an Empire. Their self-image is of a nation opposed to imperialism but actually they just disapprove of others empires, British, French, Spanish, Russian. I think they … Continue reading

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The British…And “Territorial Integrity”

So David Cameron talking about Ukraine and respecting “territorial integrity”. Ah…like Ireland, India, Ceylon/Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Ghana, Malaya/Malaysia, Singapore, Fiji, Kenya, Jamaica, Grenada, Pakistan, St Lucia, Cyprus, Malta…..Malvinas. You probably see where I am going with this.

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What Does The Butchers Apron Mean To You?

I can’t remember if South Sudan is the 193rd or 194th country in the United Nations. Most have…even since 1945… Have been a colony of another nation…..At random, Dominican Republic, Angola, Algeria, Estonia, India, Phillipines, Poland have all been “owned” … Continue reading

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