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It May Not Be A Cross- Community Carol Service…

It may not be a Cross-Community Carol Service…but I like to think of it as MY kinda LetsGetAlongerism. Cliftonville Football Club versus Linfield Football Club. It is not a promising start is it? Kafflick-supported Reds versus Praddistant-supported Blues. Nationalist versus … Continue reading

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Don’t Mention The Sectarian Chanting

Norn Iron’s Football League is of course a joke. The standard is of course awful. It is semi-professional because anybody who can actually play football, has been head-hunted to play in England. Basically Football is poorly supported. Die-hard football fans … Continue reading

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LetsGetAlongerism Interupted

We live in a decade which Conflict Resolutionists and LetsGetAlongerists aided and abetted by Historians have mapped out for us. It is The Decade of Centenaries, a series of events to show how much nationalists and unionists have in common … Continue reading

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