Reunion Concert, Bangor

I saw this in Bangor yesterday.

Baby Protocol, Posh Protocol, Sporty Protocol, Scary Protocol,Silver Protocol

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3 Responses to Reunion Concert, Bangor

  1. Hoboroad says:

    Baby Bryson as in to young to remember the troubles
    Posh Jeffrey Hotel Movies Donaldson
    Sporty High Jump Hoey
    Scary Jurassic Jim
    Silver As in thirty pieces of Silver I voted for it before I realised I was against it Habib

    Are they starting off from outside Stephen Farrys office it’s in Abbey Street?

  2. hoboroad says:

    In the Summer census figures will be released about religion in NI – they may suggest that Catholics are almost 50 per cent of NI population. Sectarian media in England will report that NI may no longer remain in U.K.! But sectarianism in NI is in decline. Bangor is not Bogside!!

    Above is a Tweet from John “Bargepole” Taylor the former Deputy leader of the UUP.

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