Decade of Half Centenaries: Deaths February 1972.

There were 28 Troubles-related deaths in February 1972.

As far as I can make out;

Five British Army were killed by the (Provisional) IRA. Two off-duty members of the Ulster Defence Regiment were also killed by IRA.

Seven members of IRA were killed. One was shot by the British Army. The others died in premature explosions, two in a single incident near Glenavy and four while transporting a bomb in East Belfast.

Six Catholic civilians died. One Tommy McElwaine was shot by a British Army sniper at Ballymurphy. He was known vaguely to me. Two were killed by loyalist gangs. The other three by IRA “in crossfire”.

Another civilian, an Englishman, a Walter Mitty character was shot dead by IRA in South Armagh.

Seven people, a British Parachute Regiment chaplain (Catholic) and six civilian canteen workers were killed by the Official IRA in an explosion at Para Headquarters in Aldershot, England. This was a direct reprisal for Bloody Sunday, which occurred a few weeks earlier.

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4 Responses to Decade of Half Centenaries: Deaths February 1972.

  1. Vince says:

    Grim reading. Much smaller scale but brings to mind what I have just been watching on the 10pm news. God bless them all and their families.

  2. A terrible period. This post spurred me to dig up and scan the violence chronology section from my old copy of the RUC Police Federation magazine. Very grim reading but put it does put into context where we are today in Northern Ireland versus thirty years ago:

    • Thank you for this.
      I think its important that we realise the Troubles was 3,500 individual deaths.
      When we think of it as 3,500 total, it loses impact.
      Those names you listed…there are people still grieving.

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