Lady GaGa & Moore Holmes

Several years ago I saw Lady Gaga on TV. She had a telephone on her head.

One of the great pleasures in getting old is that I do not have to keep up with pop culture references. I resolved several years ago that I would never listen to any music by Lady Gaga or ever take her under my notice. I was disappointed to see her at President Biden’s Inaugaration in January. She did not have a telephone on her head.

Moore Holmes? Well Mr Holmes is the Lady Gaga of loyalist politics.

I have seen the name twice in the last week. And there were references to him on the Slugger O’Toole message board today. I was none the wiser because the references were from people I have blocked on Slugger O’Toole.

So earlier today, I resolved that (just like Lady Gaga), I did not want to know anything about him.

So now that he is the next best hope for Loyalism, I was not exactly surprised to see him interviewed on UTV News tonight. Luckily I was able to press the “mute button” before I heard anything that Mr Holmes had to say.

It is always interesting when one of the commentators/commenters from Norn Iron social media or blogging gets into the mainstream. Chris Donnelly, David McCann, Sarah Creighton, Alan Meban, Mick Fealty….a conveyor belt of talent with no end in sight.

For the record, Mr Holmes was not wearing a telephone on his head.

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2 Responses to Lady GaGa & Moore Holmes

  1. hoboroad says:

    Lady GaGa has a talent

    • There is nothing good after the Eagles…maybe Emmylou, Patty Lawless, Steve Earle.
      When Boy George started out, Cliff Richard was asked if he approved of the gimmicks.
      And Cliff simply said “Boy has a great gimmick..he can sing”

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