Flegger Of The Day…#1 Kwasi Kwarteng

Have you noticed that a lot of members of the British Conservative Party are now appearing on TV News with a great big British flag behind them?

At one level, this overt flag waving is not really a British thing except of course at a “Royal” Wedding or an English Defence League Rally. Patriotism is not necessarily the last refuge of the Scoundrel. And no doubt Mr Kwarteng wants to demonstrate that he is a patriot rather than a scoundrel.

Mr Kwarteng is Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Strategy.

Fundamentally it is not easy to criticise a politician with a Flag, especially a very big flag.

It is a bit like saying “You can’t hit me, I am wearing glasses” or “You can’t hit me, I have a baby in my arms”.

Mr Kwarteng is of course standing up (sitting down actually) for Britain.

We had this in Norn Iron in 2012/2013. The Great Fleg Protest. It is hard to imagine a DUP Minister trying to get on TV with a “fleg”. They lost that battle. So odd that the Tory Party is now posturing to the right of the DUP.

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4 Responses to Flegger Of The Day…#1 Kwasi Kwarteng

  1. kalista63 says:

    Charlie Spate (I think his surname is) pulled the leg of a Tory for having too small a fleg, this morning.

    What I find much more disturbing was Keir Starmer doing it and insisting others do it because Labour is (yeah, I know) an internationalist party.

    • I cant see Starmer staying too long. Yes Britain is in decline and not having an adequate Opposition is a major reason.
      If I recall correctly when the pre-Good Friday Agreement “NI Forum” met Ian Paisley protested as he wanted a Flag and Bronach Hinds of the Womens Coalition volunteered to knit one for him.

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