Piers Pressure

It is hard to believe that Piers Morgan resigned from Good Morning Britain without knowing that he would have another job lined up. There are a couple of likely TV channels and plenty of right wing potential hosts (step forward Andrew Neil) who are now too out of place on mainstream News.

So Britain seems ripe for a Fox Lite News channel. Based around Populism and toxic “I dont belieeeve it” and a glib catchphrase like “Cancel Culture” or “Political Correctness gone maaaad”, Piers will not be out of a job for long. He will be back, more toxic than ever.

Now the most high profile “victim” (as he and his supporters would say) of Cancel Culture, it is hard for any normal person to feel sorry for him.

Frankly he had it coming.

A word about Cancel Cuture. I am 68 years old. People might assume that because of my age, I am on the “wrong side of History”. But while I was born on the wrong side of History, I have always endeavoured to be on the right side of History.

So I have no problem with unsavoury attitudes of the Past being “canceled”.

A word about Populism. It is not a political philosophy. It is a mish-mash of attitudes. Saloon bar conversations.

Piers Morgan does populism well. He is a “why oh why oh why” journalist appealing to the most toxic of people.

He has an unenviable record of controversy except of course he revels in controversy.

How Did He Get Away With It? #1…..financial journalists on his paper were guilty of tipping their own shares. Piers made some money.

How Did He Get away With It#2….His newspaper used fake photographs during the war in Iraq. Piers got away with it.

How Did He Get Away With It #3…Giving evidence from Los Angeles via video link to the Leveson Inquiry, Piers Morgan had a loss of memory that Leveson found unconvincing.

How Did He Get Away With It #4…Used his reporters to doorstep Ian Hislop and offer money to Hislop’s neighbours to get some dirt

How Did He Get Away With It #5…conducting a vendetta against people like Steve Coogan and Hugh Grant who were innocent victims of phone hacking.

So really…….how does he get away with it?

Well to speak generally of populists, their opinions are not rooted in Ideology. It is as populist to pander to any passing whim and in terms of right wing populists tirades against against “political correctness gone maaaaaaaad” . And the relatively new insult against decent-minded people. We are “woke”.

Nobody………Shaun Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Piers Morgan included ….will die in poverty because they pandered to racists, homophobes, sexists and the worst elements in society.

So no tears for Piers Morgan. He will survive and prosper.

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2 Responses to Piers Pressure

  1. kalista63 says:

    I think he’s connected and that’s how he got away with it.

    That said, I took an interest in American politics in 2016 and started following The Young Turks, The Secular Talk/Kyle Kulinski and Humanist Report and saw modern American news programmes via them and this is the model GMTV was going for and it’s not a healthy direction.

    Reading between lines is rarely the science it’s ccacked up to be but I think the Morgan resignation was a bit of belated panto. On the previous day, Morgan and Dan Walker were having a Twitter back and forth because GMTV’s ratings hit a certain quantity that Morgan was very excited about. As I read it, this was a target that he agreed with them and then, one might assume, he got a bonus.

    Of course I am likely to be wrong on some of this but I’m not buying that it was spontaneous

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