The English Could Make Me Sick (Official)

If its a good day for nationalists, its a bad day for unionists.

If its a good day for unionists, its a bad day for nationalists.

This is the story of everything that has happened since 1998. Thus, the DUP squirming around when the RHI scandal broke was very good for nationalists. The recent over-the-top republican  funeral at Milltown and Roselawn gave unionists a boost. Paula Bradshaw (Alliance)  “U turns”, “clarifications” over essential travel during Lock Down have given me (republican lefty) hours of amusement.

In the wake of the justified criticism of Sinn Féin, Michelle O’Neill has given nationalism a boost by accurately suggesting that travel from Britain into Norn Iron should be restricted. It is of course a bit cheeky but it gives us a laugh at the expense of Arlene Foster (DUP) and Steve Aiken (UUP), defending the open travel area and talking about the absurdity.

But there is of course a logic to it. Animal Health regulations often restrict movement of animals and poultry across the Irish Sea. Especially so in times of Swine Flu, Foot and Mouth Disease or whatever. Surely CoronaVirus can restrict movement.

What is (mint) sauce for the lamb should be sauce for the humans.

So congrats to Michelle……back of the net! Its 2-0 to the Boys and Girls in Green. A cushion after Bradshaw’s spectacular  own goal.

And congrats to Colum Eastwood and the SDLP and the New Ireland Commission idea. Whether it is actually a serious attempt to involve unionists in looking forward  or just an attempt to wind unionists up is irrelevant…the real point is that is that SDLP have got their “mojo” back. …….THREE-NIL. And the Crowd goes wild.

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