No Unionists in An Seanad

I suppose other political bloggers might want to shed a few tears that there are no unionists appointed among the eleven new Senators appointed by An Taoiseach (and Varadkar and Ryan).

Is it a snub to unionists in general? Or to Ian Marshall, the “progressive” unionist who was appointed last time round and then lost his seat a few weeks ago?

At best only one nordie would have been nominated and while it is disappointing that nobody from the Six Counties was nominated, I am actually more concerned that no nationalist was appointed. Clearly with nominations from three Party Leaders looking after their own, the power of patronage was somewhat limited.

Sinn Féin lament (rightly) that no northerner was nominated but why they feel that Ian Marshall was hard done by is nonsense. Mr Marshall is quite properly a unionist. Sinn Féin are like me Irish nationalists.

£x-Senator Marshall was appointed to the Senate. Then lost his seat. Why should he be re-appointed and why should Sinn Féin care?

Seems odd. Sinn Féin quite properly stand for election at Westminster. Quite properly in their terms, they do not take those seats. Quite properly on their own terms SDLP take their seats.

But I would not expect Sinn Féin to accept a nomination to the British House of Lords. And for the record I am disgusted that Margaret Ritchie accepted a peerage (and relieved she had the decency to resign from SDLP).

People talk about Outreach. For some peculiar reason, unionists crave Outreach. But lets face it, it is pointless.

James and Elizabeth from the local evangelical mission hall are wonderful people. We get along great but they have given up on the outreach. Likewise I get on great with Sister Xxxxxxx who I met twice in Bangor before the Big Lockdown. I am unlikely to become a Mormon.

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