Back in The Saddle

Hello again.

I have not blogged for a while. I am really getting too old for this. In part, the things that got me interested in politics nearly fifty years ago are no longer relevant. In part, the things that got be interested in politics nearly fifty years ago will ALWAYS be relevant. Irish Unity and Justice for example.

But think of these names (internationally) …Moshe Dayan, Alexander Haig, Hubert Humphrey….(in English context) Harold Wilson, Patrick Gordon-Walker, Geoffrey Howe…(in Irish context) Jack Lynch, Garret Fitzgerald, Brendan Corish…(in Nordie terms) Harry West, Basil Glass, John Turnley. And I can now add Seamus Mallon.

My world circa 1975 and my world in 2020 are different.

At my age, I should only be saying my prayers. I have just passed the age where my experiences are valued. I am now more like Grandpa Simpson and it is a struggle to feel relevant.

Some good news is that I have been asked to collate and edit some anecdotes with a view to publication in United States. It is both exciting and challenging. It is not “History”. It is more of a “Memoir”, things as I recall them but even so, this means checking dates and looking at old newspapers.

The downside is that I cant do this AND blog. But I am going to try. A lot has happened recently….the Westminster Election, the Assembly and Executive are up and running again and of course we are now just three days from BREXIT and next week an Election in the Republic of Ireland.

But ultimately the role of a 67 year old person is just to vote in elections. Political progress is dictated by younger people and really I have no agenda beyond having my travel pass, courtesy of the Dept of Infrastructure.

Anyway, I hope to write a review of Westminster results in the next few days.



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2 Responses to Back in The Saddle

  1. Vince says:

    Welcome back John. You are blessed with an excellent and relevant memory of our history here – definitely something to nourish and share.

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