FitzjamesHorse Rides Again…Again

I have not blogged since July. One of the things that always surprises me is signing into “Keeping an Eye on the Czar of Russia” is the stats …people really do read this Blog.

I find this literally awesome …a Blog which started over eight years ago as an”anti-Blog”, a satire with zero views for weeks grew into a blog which has had hundreds of thousands of hits. Even as it lies dormant, it gets a lot of views.

From a position in August 2011, when I believed that Bloggers were pathetic non-entities who took themselves and their influence far too seriously, I had Seriousness thrust upon me. When Blogs are actually read, they have to be “responsible”.

I am 67 years old and that is too old to be responsible.

When I retire from Blogging…and I retire more often than Frank Sinatra and Nigel Farage, there is a sense that there is nothing left to be said.

But with Brexit and an upcoming Election, History has not yet ended.

We live in interesting times. The market leader in Norn Iron blogging, Slugger O’Toole seems baffled by the speed at which events are moving. Their leading writers are rabbits caught in the headlights of change.

The brand of LetsGetAlongerism propogated by Slugger is sooooo 2018.

So FitzjamesHorse rides again….again. At worst it will be a journal, on which I can look back on The Brexit Election. At best, people will read it and contribute.

Thats actually the secrer of a successful Blog….50% “original post” and 50% “comment”.

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6 Responses to FitzjamesHorse Rides Again…Again

  1. benmadigan says:

    agree with Hoboroad – very nice to see you tapping out on a keyboard once again!

  2. dedeideoprofundis says:

    Welcome back, I always thou were an old man, you’re making me feel old at 73. A you sure you didn’t get the numbers wrong? It’ll soon be that you won’t get the pension till 75.

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