I Will Vote SDLP

Tomorrow I will vote SDLP.

Basically we vote for parties that represent our unique combination of high ideals and not-so-high self interest.

People on the “left” have more ideals than people on the right. People on the right have more self-interest than ideals. Free Health, Free Education, Good Housing, Workers Rights, Human Rights and taxing the rich and the rest …all good stuff.

So being a bit of a socialist, a republican, a nationalist….well its SDLP.

They don’t of course make it easy. But SDLP have their heart in the right place. On their sleeve.


Its simple enough. It is not about Fianna Fáil link ups. Its not about BREXIT. It is not about the great political issues of the day.

It is just about Declan, Joe, Ciaran and Thomas working hard for people during last years floods in and around Lurgan. Better resourced parties went missing in action.

It is about notifying constituents about a suspicious white van in the area and to be alert. Basic stuff like grass verges that are over-grown and the problem of dog fouling.

So even people in Derrymacash Wolfe Tones territory will give a first preference to a man wearing a Derrytrasna Sarsfields tie on his election poster.

SDLP might well have an uncomfortable time in some parts of the north but there will be no melt-down. We will do ok. People need SDLP too much.

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11 Responses to I Will Vote SDLP

  1. Vince says:

    Completely agree John. So many good people – Paul McCusker, Paul Doherty, Noreen McClelland, Heather Wilson, Stephanie Quigley, Denise Johnston, Eugene Reid, Roisin Lynch, Kate Loughran and many many others. They need us tomorrow and we all, in this place, need people like them. Good luck to them all.

  2. michael c says:

    Some no hopers on that list Vince!

    • Vince was making the point that they are good people. If you disagree with that comment then youre welcome to so say.
      Your attempt to demean them as “no hopers” is not only a different point, its a nasty little point.

    • Vince says:

      I don’t know about that but it’s not always about “winning” in the conventional sense – it is about having the courage to compete and offer an alternative perspective.

  3. michael c says:

    At least one of them is a very nasty person and the results will show that.

  4. michael c says:

    Will explain the results of one DEA to you on Friday.

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