I Might Have Become A Yoorpeen

I think I am now a Yoorpeen (European).

God Bless Yoorp.

You might think that when I voted for BREXIT that I was not really acting in a way that was pro-Yoorp.

But I think that voting BREXIT is the most pro-Yoorpeen thing I have ever done.

I thought I didn’t like my Yoorpeen neighbours but it turns out that I love them. It was the “UK” that I had a problem with. Effectively when I voted BREXIT, I was voting to kick the British out of Yoorp. And lets be honest, a lot of Germans, French, Dutch and Maltese would have done exactly the same.

It turns out that I was not really annoyed at standing at an airport  in the same passport line as Germans, Czechs, Bulgarians, Swedes and the rest. I just want to be in a different passport line from the British.

It wasn’t really about wanting to have a green Irish passport. I am actually ok with having a claret EU passport as long as the British have a blue passport.

It turns out that I am a much nicer person than I thought I was. I thought I was xenophobic about 27 nations. But to my immense joy, I only have negative feelings about one nation.

I will never stand up for “Ode to Joy” as that’s still a step too far.


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2 Responses to I Might Have Become A Yoorpeen

  1. korhomme says:

    Dubya also talked about ‘my fellow Merkins’…I doubt if you want to be one of those.

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