Civil Rights Commemoration

This year will mark the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Association. No doubt a lot of events planned. This one looks interesting.


Of course a lot of organisations etc will be wrapping themselves in the Civil Rights cause. Some (Sinn Féin for example) will be shameless as they were in 2016 about the Easter Rising.

As I get older, I find that I am actually older than History. Ten years ago I was at Queens University being “taught” Modern Irish History by English people in their 30s. That didn’t go so well for them.


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4 Responses to Civil Rights Commemoration

  1. pippakin says:

    Always the anti English bias. You obviously don’t know being anti the nationality of teachers is racist. Try getting a job. Oh, I forgot you did and they wouldn’t have you…What a surprise

    • I was pondering on this the other day. History is itself a distortion. It is not just about what happened…it is the accepted version of what happened. While it is ironic that a lot of qub lecturers on Irish history are English, I think my point might be regarded as ageist more than racist.
      Let me be blunt…young people are very stupid and know absolutely notging about anything.
      Put yourself in my place in 2006 when a QUB lecturer was presenting some slides on Belfast….and afterwards I pointed out that he had misidentified some people in a photo.
      He took it rather badly and said that nobody had said this before. I politely pointed out that the man was standing next to my father in law.
      Do you take my point…that as I put it in my charming and self-effacing way that I am actually older than History.
      I reckon that thereis a 65 year old veteran of Vietnam sitting in a college in Ohio listening to a 25 year old fromNorway slabbering abput the Tet Offensive and theres prolly an elderly civil rights marcher from Atlanta sitting thru a lecture on Rosa Parkes….delivered by a 30 year old from Portadown.
      Thats how it is.
      To be clear I only ever sought employment with SDLP and they decided not to use my many talents…many of which are not obvious.
      Whether or not they made the right decision ….who can say.

  2. Vince says:

    Where’s Declan Kearney in that picture? Airbrushed out perhaps??

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