Insulting Bloody Sunday

It is nice to see that Doug Beattie MLA (UUP) condemn the calculated insult to the families of Bloody Sunday. Loyalists in New Buildings, a village near Derry have put up some flags, with the crest of the British Parachute Regiment.

They claim it is to honour the Paras who died in the Troubles but really it is a feeble excuse in this anniversary week of Bloody Sunday.

Anybody saying it was just a coincidence is likely to be the same kinda person who would say that a man being videoed with a loaf of bread Kingsmill brand) on his head around the anniversary of the Kingsmill Massacre was not being a bit tacky.

Sadly, it is not new. Gloating and/or Indifference are a part of our way of life here.

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8 Responses to Insulting Bloody Sunday

  1. Vince says:

    Beattie seems like a decent spud. Can’t understand why the unionist population in Upper Bann so overwhelmingly prefer Lockhart, Simpson etc over someone with his background and general integrity. Nuts.

    • I live in Upper Bann. He is decent. I didn’t give him a preference earlier this year. Nesbitt brought some ex-British Army types into UUP but ultimately they are just too conservative.

  2. Vince says:

    Vote all the way down the ballot Fitz! Sometimes the greater pleasure comes not from one’s No 1 but the person placed no 16……

    • I have rarely done that. It almost seems improper. Its like voting “against” something rather than voting “for”.
      Voting all the way down to 16 can be satisfying especially if there are 17 candidates and the Alliance candidate cant even get any preference.

  3. Deborah in Dublin says:

    Not sure Doug Beattie is such an angel. Probably just doing this before he was forced to or to cynically pretend he cares (as a way of getting votes).

    • Well as I have said, he is a MLA in my constituency and he has a record of being fair minded. As I have further said, I would not vote for any unionist ever.
      The best way of getting votes is to do the job you are paid for and “be yourself”.
      The best way to do “outreach” is to not even try….just be yourself.
      A few years ago, Peter Robinson and DUP talked about outreach to Catholics but it was a completely false.
      Likewise, Sinn Féin are always slobbering about “outreach” to their “unionist brothers and sisters” but nobody falls for that either.

      • Deborah in Dublin says:

        I think you’re being hard on Mary Lou and Sinn Féin. Over many years Gerry Adams has consistently spoken of the importance of Sinn Féin’s unionist outreach strategy. I think it is genuine unlike Mr Beattie’s latest outburst.

      • And have yoy ever met Doug Beattie.
        And do you think “outburst” is a fair and balanced word to use.
        Gerry Adams has consistently spoken about “outreach” but not exactly done much.

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