McElduff …Laughing All The Way To The Dole Queue

Sinn Féin’s favourite comedian, Barry McElduff has resigned as MP for West Tyrone. It is the first thing he has ever said or done which made me laugh. Whether or not you believed he disgraced himself with the Kingsmill stunt, the real point is that he embarrassed Sinn Féin and that is a complete “NO-NO”. He had to go.

What does a 51 year old former Sinn Féin MP do? Well, there is always one of those “community worker” jobs that Sinn Féin loves so much or he could simply be re-assigned to another role in the “movement”.

As a comedian of sorts, he might get a guest appearance on “The Blame Game” alongside Tim McGarry, Jake O’Kane and the other one. None of them have ever made me laugh either.

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6 Responses to McElduff …Laughing All The Way To The Dole Queue

  1. Deborah in Dublin says:

    After a short period Barry McElduff will be back.

    • Probably. As they ahem… all get the average industrial wage, there is no material difference what role he plays in the Sinn Féin machine. When members pf SF embarras the Party, or are an embarrassment they are moved to other less visible roles…like Mary McArdle.
      Barry knows the rules. Keep his head down. Dont get photographed at SF events like a parade to honour republicans and dont be seen canvassing for his successor at the by-election.
      But he will know which senior members were happy with the three month suspension and which members saw him as an obstacle to the project and wanted him dumped.

      • Deborah in Dublin says:

        I would expect to see a lot of positive change to Sinn Féin under Mary Lou McDonald’s leadership. She is an excellent politician and I have a feeling she will improve and further build upon Sinn Féin’s polling position.

      • I saw her in Cabra last week.

      • Deborah in Dublin says:

        DO you think there will be an uplift in SFs polling position as a result of her leadersip?

      • No.
        Sinn Féin have replaced an old phoney with a younger phoney. Adams held on too long and Mary Lou has come into the leadership about five years too late.
        Risible to see SF play the feminist card with the optics from today.

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