Every Loser Wins

I am…as you all know…a very stable person. I am also…as you all know…a genius. And I know most of the words to the American National Anthem. So as long as nobody demands to see my birth certificate, I am very well qualified to be President of the United States of America.

Due to last week’s high winds SKY TV (and CNN) are currently unavailable so I have not my regular dose of Trumpisms.

This new book by Michael Wolffe is interesting. A new book wont change many minds in rural Georgia or urban San Francisco.

The idea that Trump (and Melania) expected and wanted to lose the 2016 Election confirms what I always thought. Sometimes LOSING is better than WINNING.

During the Scottish Referendum, I floated the notion here that a narrow defeat (it was 46-54)  for Scottish Nationalists would be better than a narrow victory. Nationalism NEEDS Resentment. Whether it is Scotland, Ireland or Catalonia, we need a list of Injustice. So don’t get me started on Oliver Cromwell, the Glorious Revolution, 1798, the Famine, 1916 Rising or the Troubles.

To some extent, the Scottish Referendum was eclipsed by the BREXIT Referendum. But the Little Englanders who have spent forty years resenting “Europe” had been demanding a Referendum and they got it…and against the odds, they won. And they have looked uncomfortable since.

Just look at Nigel Farage at 3am when the election results were coming thru and at that stage, he conceded defeat. It looked like a narrow win for REMAIN and Nigel seemed happy enough. He had after all made his career thru blaming everything on Brussels. But by 8am, when the BREXIT victory (52-48) was confirmed, Nigel realised that leaving Europe was inevitable and that his career and influence were over.

London liberals in Entertainment and Media blame their defeat on all those fears and lies stirred up by Johnson, Gove, Farage and the rest. Oddly these are the same liberals who stirred up fears and lies to defeat the Scottish nationalists. What goes around …comes around. Karma…as the posh people say.

So what about that Donald Trump campaign in 2015/2016, Certainly the Republican Party had fed the Tea Party monster for years. But it was always thought that the evangelicals and the gun-owners were just voting fodder and the Establishment Republicans would keep them in check.

What started off a few years back with Joe the Plumber led to the Sheriff in Arizona, the rancher in Colorado and the judge in Alabama.

The lunatics had taken over the Republican asylum. Even to the extent that Trump’s valiant attempts to lose the nomination and then lose the Election, failed miserably.

He got himself elected. And it is impossible to transfer a family business with tight personal loyalty to running a nation which has the scrutiny of Congress and the Media.

The happiest man in Washington DC must be Vice President Mike Pence. Can Trump recover enough in 2018 so that there is no civil war in his Party (Republicans against Bannon nationalists) that leads to Alabama-style melt down in mid-term elections?

Will the Special Prosecutor get close to the Russian truth to make Trump cut a deal…immunity from impeachment and /or prosecution in exchange for his resignation?

Do politicians actually go into an election wanting to lose?

Well consider the recent BBC documentary which aired a few months ago. It followed three Labour MPs from the announcement of the snap General Election by Theresa May until the week after the election in June.

All three MPs thought that the Labour Party was heading for defeat. And it was all Jeremy Corbyns faultOne Stephen Kinnock (son of Neil and Glynis and heir to their European Commission pensions) was standing for re-election in Wales…a safe seat. The others, a woman in Yorkshire feared for her seat (not very realistically I think) and the third, a woman in West London seemed resigned to losing her marginal seat.

The story of the six week campaign was support draining from the Tories and Corbyns Labour Party gaining support.

The result. The Tories losing their overall majority and dependant on support from Democratic Unionist Party was a  major surprise. The look on young Kinnock’s face as his own party…HIS OWN PARTY!!!! did well and his refusal to do interviews until he had digested it all.

It was clear that Kinnock would have been happier if the Labour Party had done badly and he and his fellow anti-Corbyn faction could get a new Leader and no doubt he fancied himself as a leading member of the new leadership. Of course that would have entailed fellow Labour MPs losing their seats. Well….I suppose he would not have been one of them.

Sometimes it is just better to lose.


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