Maurice Hayes RIP

No this is not a return to Blogging. Just a passing reference to Maurice Hayes who has been rightly lauded since his death a few days ago.

He has been praised by no less a man than Brian Dimbleby-Walker on Slugger O’Toole. Dimbleby likes to eulogise and I note that today on Slugger, Dimbleby wonders why the Democratic Unionist Party is not rushing to join in the praise for Maurice Hayes. We can only speculate.

I recall Slugger (via Dimbleby himself) eulogising a freemason journalist from Norn Iron who was “well respected in the wider freemasonry of journalism). Yet in August 2011, journalist James Kelly (aged 100) died an did not get a eulogy on Slugger O’Toole. It is too easy for me to rattle Mick Fealty’s cage wth speculation as to why Jimmy Kelly was not mentioned on Slugger. Suffice to say that it was not Mick Fealty’s or Slugger’s finest hour.

So it is interesting at least to see Dimbleby-Walker question DUPs silence on Maurice Hayes.

Slugger Pot…DUP Kettle.


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