“Talk Like Donald Trump” Year

Reading friends posts on various platforms, there seems a genuine concern among anti-Trump people. How far can they go in protesting or accepting him as President.

Most are in some way minimalist. Understandably, they are uncomfortable with Protest. Understandably, they are uncomfortable with continuing as normal.

Donald Trump lost the popular vote. There are unanswered questions about Russian involvement in the campaign. Ther is outrage at the demeanour and nature of the man elected. And even while he is in the Oval Office, he complains about Voter Fraud. He alleges that millions of “illegals” voted against him. It is contrary to all the evidence…and plainly his own aides dont believe this crap. Nor do mainstream Republicans like Paul Ryan and Lindsay Graham.

My friends tell me that in terms of policy, Vice President Mike Pence is no better than Trump.

But there is a point where self-preservation takes over.

There WILL be a Palace coup. Trump willbe forced out of office. It wont be by nice people wearing pink hats. The Republican “establishment” will make him an offer he cant refuse…they will be dragged down by mid-term elections.

The extent to which American leaders including celebrities distance themselves from Donald Trump will be the story of the next year. And of course, the American people.

And indeed Trump will be anxious to legitimise himself further. Netanyahu and Theresa May will pay court to him in the Oval Office and talk about special relationships but just as important, his aides in the White Office will be drawing up lists of countries to visit.

Will an Taoiseach (Prime Minister of Ireland) go to the White House on St Patrick’s Day to celebrate Irish-American relations. Maybe Trump would like to visit Scotland….can you really see Nicola Sturgeon (the First Minister) enjoying that.

Can the parents of school kids in California and New York and Connecticut, who are due to go to Washington DC to tour the White House say “no its inappropriate while Trump is President” . Or can those bus loads of school kids go wearing pink hats ….where they will meet up with kids from Georgia, Oklahoma and Utah.

It is a simple enough choice….Protest or Acceptance.

For a man with a giant ego, nothing seems to affect him …except Ridicule.

Which is why “Talk Like Donald Trump” (you saw it here first) is a good idea. We already have “Talk Like a Pirate” …..which is only a day in September.

But the constant daily ridicule of people talking in that bizarre cadence and odd choice of words…that would be interesting.

In fact people are chameleon like and will probably start doing it in an involuntary manner. They will…yes really….and it will be so wonderful ….lemme tell you …so wonderful. We all have words. …the best words. And we can make Mexico pay for our words.

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