Pretty In Pink?

So Donald Trump is President of the United States for a whole day …and the World survived. I am largely indifferent. He is certainly not MY President and I have never believed that Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter or anyone else is Leader of the Free World. I find that phrase insulting.

My plans for Nuclear War are the same as always. As the nuclear dust drifts over Ireland, I will close the windows. If it gets really bad, I will paint a red cross on the roof and pretend I am living in a hospital.

The Winner of the 2016 Election is destined to be a one term President and I suppose the good news is that the Democrats will win the mid-terrms and get the White House in 2020…maybe for more than two terms.

It wasnt supposed to be like this. Social Media was supposed to make electorates smarter…but that has not happened.

Yet there is stuff I dont understand….”Build That Wall”, “Lock Her Up”, “Fake News”, “Drain the Swamp”.

Whether or not Trump keeps any election promise is one thing. Whether his supporters care is another thing.

Yesterday, Trump saluted Hillary Clinton at a lunch in the White House. She is not going to jail after all.

One of the reasons that she lost was that women did not vote for her. At least  the ones who could tell she is a phoney didnt vote for her.

Yet seemingly today, Hillary’s kinda woman was marching in Washington and other American cities. Apparently Madonna is leading a revolution….at least I can understand American women marching. But I cant understand the copy cat women marchers in Paris, Berlin, London, Dublin, Belfast etc.

While we might laugh at  Donald Trump praising the fairness of Fux News…..did you notice tonight that CNN News anchor wearing pink….and the BBC News anchor wearing pink.

Sheesh if I know anything about women…and I dont….turning up to a party wearing the same colour is something they get annoyed about. But obviously it was unplanned because CNN and BBC are neutral.

Reagan talked about “trickle down economics”. It was nonsense of course. But maybe this is “trickle down revolution”. But I cant see Hillary supporters as being “revolutionaries”. Certainly Hillary , the friend of Wall Street is no revolutionary.

Yes…some of yesterdays protestors will stay with it. But they need to start whining that Hillary lost. They need to expand the demographic of Protest and sign up the women AND the men who actually voted for Trump.

It will take a year for Trump’s blue collar support to realise their mistake. But …they WILL.


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14 Responses to Pretty In Pink?

  1. benmadigan says:

    pink – it’s a woman thing, fuelled by barbie and disney princesses

  2. Solidarity never goes out of fashion.

  3. Wolfe tone says:

    Cringeworthy stuff from these privileged celebrities. The utterings of Madonna and other celebs are truly pathetic and perhaps opportunistic on their part I.e they still crave that oul attention. I would have more respect for these protesters(outside US) if they were as interested in women’s rights in other countries, say for example Saudi Arabia. Btw, Saudi Arabia was a regular donor to the Clinton foundation ‘pay to play’ scam. Btw, Hilary has taken to Twitter to ‘thank’ the protesters for their support; a subtle way to egg them on, in my book. Pathetic altogether, and personally in my opinion all this hypocrisy will probably acheive the opposite of what the protesters want I.e Trump will likely win more support.

    • I thought it was ironic that protestors on Thursday…obviously not the womens march broke windows at Starbucks…Clinton donors.
      There was little evidence of blue collar women yesterday. That might change as they realise Trump is a bigger fraud than Hillary.
      But I think that Revolution cant be a fashion statement.

  4. SDLP activist - North Down says:

    What do you think of O’Neill replacing McGuinness – many had expected it to be Murphy.

    • SDLP activist - North Down says:

      I heard someone talking about a large “Naomi bounce factor” – are you expecting that to happen for Alliance?

      • Its really too early to say.
        i have no time for Saint Naomi and her Alliance Party.
        Hopefully no SDLP person would give them a second preference. Why make it easy for them?
        They are the biggest backstabbers in Politics.

    • I honestly think it is unimportant.
      Murphy has baggage.
      O’Neill doesnt.
      But I think Murphy is more competent.
      MCGuinness…is held in affection outside SF cicles.
      Neither is McGUinness.

  5. SDLP activist - North Down says:

    Sorry its off topic but I think Sinead Bradly (SDLP, South Down) is a good thing. She stands her ground very well for a new MLA.

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