So Farewell Then Tristram Hunt

You are probably as devastated as I am to learn that Tristram Hunt, Labour MP for Stoke Central has resigned to become Curator of the Victoria and Albert Museum. Apparently the appointment had to be rubber-stamped by Theresa May which means the Leader of the Tory Party knew that there would be a by-election in Stoke before the Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party.

So basically Tristram Hunt is not really a team player.

If Labour has a “north of England” problem, it might be something to do with the likes of Hunt, Yvette Cooper , various Milibands, not to mention Mandelson and Tony B Liar being gifted safe northern seats.

Hunt, a Remainer on EU represented Stoke Central which was pro-Brexit. He tells us that he never sees a Corbyn supporter in Waitrose….although I am told there is not actually a branch of Waitrose in Stoke.

The problem with Tony B Liar is that he inspired Blairism and Blairite MPs are only now in their prime. Take Caroline Flint MP for Don Valley in Yorkshire. You can take the Girl out of Twickenham Girls School but can you take Twickenham Girls School out of the Girl?

So Hunt’s parting shot to his Party is a by-election they dont need. And Jamie Reed, former MP for Copeland has resigned to work at Sellafield. Another by election Labour doesnt need.

Yet the thought of Blairite MPs resigning to get jobs more suited to their many talents is an interesting one. If anyone reading this wants to give a job to Jess Phillips, I will happily give her a reference.

Will we ever hear of Tristram Hunt again? Probably not …unless one of those Cockneys on “Eastenders” refers to him….or am I thinking of a “Jeremy”?

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