Naomi Long…Sheesh

Today Naomi Long became Leader of the Alliance Party. Yes….it seems that they can get even more pompous and sanctimonious.

Not sure if a purpose can be found for David Ford. Does he stand down from the Assembly just six months after being narrowly re-elected. Is there a successor waiting in South Antrim.

Will Ford become “Lord Ford” and go to the House of Lords …as early as the New Year. Of course, he could like “Lord” Morrow remain in the Assembly.

Thank GOD, I am retired from Blogging or I might actually care.

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2 Responses to Naomi Long…Sheesh

  1. zig70 says:

    I’m in the talking heads ‘psycho killer’ school of thought. Say something once, why say it again.

    • Strangely the bloggerati seem to have fallen out of love with the Alliance Party. Not sure if it isa direct result of not being in government. Or maybe even in Opposition, they look to be on the margins.
      Its an odd reality check.
      They had power beyond their numbers and now (and I hesitate to say something sympathetic about the Alliance Party) they probably deserve a little more than they are getting at the moment.
      Likewise the elevation of Saint Naomi has been greeted with a degree of apathy that I wasnt expecting. She was after all flavour of the month…actually flavour of five years while she was at Westminster.
      Theres a subtle change going on.
      Liberal UNionism is a busted flush.
      LetsGetALongerism is dead and buried.
      Now the buzzword is “progressives”.

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