Vote For Mike…And Get Colum

I am of course retired from Blogging and I have absolutely no interest in the Future.

Yesterday, Colum Eastwood, Leader of SDLP addressed the UUP Conference. It is apparently …historic. So say the Bloggers. My own threshold for “historic” is higher. On the other hand, my threshold for “almost risible nonsense” is low.

Like most things in Norn Iron, it is too late.

SDLP and UUP are now very much the second fiddle in the nationalist and unionist tribes. As of May 2016, Sinn Féin lead SDLP by 28-12 on the nationalist side and DUP lead UUP by 39-16 on the unionist side. Our “cross-community” government is therefore a DUP-SF coalition. Their public stance might be that they detest each other but actually they love POWER much more so they need each other.
SDLP and UUP opted out of taking a seat in a grand coalition. Probably they would have better advised to do this in 2011. And DUP-SF have typically acted without Grace…having humiliated the minor parties around the Executive table, they are intent on marginalising Opposition.
The question is can SDLP and UUP co-operate in Opposition? Clearly…yes.
The other question is can they form a “joint” Opposition? And clearly the answer is…no.
How on earth can a socialist party like SDLP have a joint platform with a right-wing Party like UUP?
But obviously they can co-operate on facilitating each other.

Much has been made of Mike Nesbitt addressing his UUP “when you vote for me, you get Colum …when you vote for Colum , you get me”
Have you ever heard anything more cringeworthy?
Obviously if you vote for Mike Nesbitt and his UUP and get Colum Eastwood and his SDLP, you have a good deal.
Just as obviously if you vote for Colum and his SDLP and get TV Mike and his UUP, you have got a very bad deal.
There may be some advantage in TV Mike being two people…the one who tells us he made history on Saturday …or the one who entered into electoral pacts with DUP (Fermanagh-South Tyrone, East Belfast and North Belfast) to maximise the pro-union vote at the Westminster Election of 2015.
With SDLP unlikely to hold the new South East Belfast seat in 2020, will Mike consider an electoral pact with SDLP? I doubt it. With SDLP committed (correctly) to no election pacts with other parties, will Colum give UUP a clear run in South Antrim and Fermanagh-South Tyrone? No!

Of course nationalists hate DUP more than they hate UUP.
Of course unionists hate Sinn Féin more than they hate SDLP.
But pitching the notion that the best way to keep the “deplorables” out of the Executive is to vote UUP and SDLP for negative reasons, rather on their own merits is not exactly inspirational.
Of course this is called “progressive”. The commentators love it. The Bloggerati love it.

But what happens at the highest level of Politics…the Assembly Chamber, the STephen Nolan Show, the seminars at Queens University, or council chambers ….doesnt trickle down to street and parish pump level.
Few if any UUP voters in Bangor, Antrim and Lurgan will be casting a second preference for SDLP.
Few if any SDLP voters in Warrenpoint, Derry and Coalisland will be casting a second preference for UUP.
And the next Stormont election is the best part of five years from now.

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7 Responses to Vote For Mike…And Get Colum

  1. Sinn Féin Supporter in County Tyrone says:

    None of this compares to the success of SF in this regard. When the UUP and SDLP were in power it was unstable and collapsed all the time. SF works better with the DUP than the SDLP ever did with the UUP. SF really have a vastly better track record of working effectively with unionists than the SDLP.

    • Yes….SF is the minority party in a centre-right coalition. And does what it is told.

      • Sinn Féin Supporter in County Tyrone says:

        Sinn Féin are important and determine policy in the executive. Think about the money martin mcguinness got for Derry Airport. Think of Chris Hazard channeling money towards roads west of the bann. All Sinn Fein. SDLP got nothing for Catholics.

      • Catholics?????
        I suppose that sums up the sectarian nature of Sinn Féin.
        Very revealing comment that you made.
        How is Dáithi McKay doing these days?

      • Sinn Féin Supporter in County Tyrone says:

        Declan Kearney has pointed out….

        Quoting Declan Kearney is Sychophancy beyond the call of duty.

  2. zig70 says:

    The SDLP should come out and say vote SDLP and they can pick their own. You might not agree but Alliance would be a far better unionist partner. Ford has taken them so far away from a cross community party. The SDLP’s problem last time out was the UUP came out with uniview blinkered crap and SDLP said nothing. Seems not much has changed.

    • SDLP really needs to face up to their own shortcomings.
      It invested too much in Trimble and UUP. The SDLP narrative is that SDLP-UUP were stabbed in the back by the British and Irish governments. Thats true but only to the extent that the governments realised quicker than SDLP that UUP (and therefore a UUP-SDLP coalition) was too weak to succeed.

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