Labour Pains

Makes you sick, doesnt it?

The Tories are in a mess and on cue the British Labour Party get into a bigger mess. To some extent it is irrelevant that only 40 MPs back the Leader Jeremy Corbyn and 172 are against him. Nor does it really matter that Corbyn might have the vast majority of rank-and-file Labour Party members behind him.

The real point is that the Party is hopelessly divided. I cant say that I am overly concerned about the national interest of Britain but it is self-evident that a viable Opppsition is vital for the health of a Democracy.

Certainly there is something self-indulgent about traditional London-based socialists like Jeremy Corbyn, Ken Livingstone, Diane Abbot and John McDonnell.

And certainly there is something rotten about North London socialists who represent seats way beyond their normal Islington base…Hillary Benn (Leeds), Ed Milliband (Doncaster), Yvette Cooper (Castleford), Ben Bradshaw (Exeter), Tristram Hunt (Stoke). It is a dishonourable tradition that follows Tony B Liar (Sedgefield), David Miliband (South Shields) and Peter Mandelson (Hartlepool).

Is it any wonder that the parliamentary Labour Party is so disconnected from Labour voters.

This coup…it is a coup ….is Blairite inspired. The most constant fixture in the tented media village at Westminster is Alastair Campbell (Blair’s spin doctor). If you dont see him being interviewed on SKY News, just look past the interviewee and you will see Campbell being lined up by BBC News or chased by ITN News.

Not entirely a coincidence that the Chilcott Report is published next week. It will vilify Tony B Liar, over the war in Iraq. Entirely fitting that Jeremy Corbyn leads Labour’s response in the House of Commons. It is important that a Labour leader puts the boot into Blair…and puts the boot in hard.

Angela Eagle ….an alleged feminist….voted for the Iraq War. The Blairites are getting their retaliation in first.

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4 Responses to Labour Pains

  1. Wolfe tone says:

    It is indeed sickening to see all those labour MP’s who are ‘concerned about the party’.
    In case they hadn’t noticed their party has lost the last few general elections under milliband and brown. Two clampits.
    Now with the opportunity to put the tories into turmoil I.e they could’ve blamed Cameron for the brexit, after all he called the thing, and forced a general election, these chancers had bigger fish to fry-Corbyn. The ‘apocalypse’ they predicted would happen wasn’t as important as getting rid of Corbyn which confirms what a shower of liars they are. It should confirm to the average person that their political system is a business; what happens to the proles is secondary.

  2. Catholic voter says:

    I think that corbyn will not stand when challenged.

    • He is very unpredictable.
      I think he MUST stand for two reasons. First he represents a major section of Labour Party…whether he still has majority support should be tested by a leadership election. If he does not stand, he is the victim of a coup.
      Second reason…..Chilcott.

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