EU Referendum: Scotland

Scotland voted REMAIN.
The SNP is the clear winner of this Referendum. Less than two years ago the Scots voted 55-45 to remain within the “United Kingdom”. A few weeks before that Referendum it looked that the result would be much closer and ex politicians from all parties managed to persuade the Scots that it was economically in their best interests to stay in UK.
In 2016 the same politicians were saying that “UK leaving EU” would be an economic disaster. So clearly British “unionists” cant have it both ways. This will drive more Scottish people into the Independence camp and as a nationalist, I welcome this.
Scotland WILL be an Independent nation but clearly there is a certain amount of choreography that has to take place.
Nichola Sturgeon and her SNP colleagues will be delighted at the result. A Scottish REMAIN and an English LEAVE drives a wedge between the two nations. But first she expresses shock at the result and calls for a Referendum at an unspecified date but she will be looking at post-Brexit opinion polls and taking soundings about the timing for a new Referendum.
I dont take seriously the notion that Nichola Sturgeon will try to veto the EU Referendum result. It is posturing…a way of demonstrating to the “55 per cent” that she tried everything.
But it is extremely doubtful if Scotand (or Norn Iron or Wales) has a veto over “UK” decisions. Clearly no lawyer pointed this out BEFORE the EU Referendum…that such a Referendum was pointless as Scotland and Norn Iron would never vote to LEAVE.
The last thing SNP want is for Westminster to change its mind.
Nationalists thrive on a sense of being different and historic grievance.
The EU Referendum result can be archived with Braveheart, Culloden, the Highland Clearances and the 2014 Referendum with other Scottish grievances.

NIchola Sturgeon and SNP are “the best politicians in these islands”….a point made more than once by Alex Attwood (SDLP) in the past few years.
She is evfectively the Leader of Nationalism (Scottish as well as Irish) and we should stand behind her.

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