2,000 TV Channels …And Only One Programme

It is a cliché of course….back back in the days when we had two TV channels, there seemed to be more on TV….certainly more that was worth watching.

As Fr Jack Hackett might say “what’s that gobshite doing on TV?”….the gobshite in question being David Mitchell.
David Mitchell is undoubtedly talented but he is certainly charmed….and there is just a little too much of him.
Privately educated all the way to Cambridge University (where else?) where he became President of the Cambridge Footlights (what else?) and quickly snapped up by BBC (who else?). Not exactly the Jimmy Tarbuck or Peter Kaye path to comedy superstardom..

So last night he showed up THREE times between channels 101-112. Once as the star of “Upstart Crow”, a sitcom about William Shakespeare, once as a team captain on a re-run of panel show “Would I Lie To You?” And once in a re-run of the sit com “The Peep Show”.
Three channels…all at the same time.
And also somewhere between channel 101-112, Mrs David Mitchell (Victoria Coren) was a panelist on Frank Skinner’s “Room 101”.

Worried that I might see even more of Mr & Mrs Mitchell….I did not go beyond Channel 112. David Mitchell was probably presenting the weather on SKY, playing a serial killer in “Special Victims Unit” and commentating on Portugal versus Iceland.

I took an early night.

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