If You Are In A Sports Shop Today…

If you are in a Sports Shop in a shopping mall in Norn Iron today, I urge you to report any Norn Iron politician acting suspiciously. As the European Football Championships start tomorrow, I suspect our politicians will want to demonstrate that they are Men/Women of the People and getting themselves kitted out in Norn Iron shirts or Republic of Ireland shirts or….both.

BOTH????  Yes …some will give in to their inner LetsGetAlongerism and attempt to wear both shirts…though it will be difficult to wear two shirts at the same time. Look out for bewildered children being forced into a shirt they dont want to advance a parental career.

This is bad news for the Alliance child forced into a Republic of Ireland shirt. And bad news for a SDLP child forced into a Norn Iron shirt. Unionists dont do “cross community” so the fruit of DUP and UUP loins will be wearing Norn Iron shirts.

Sinn Féin….well Martin McGuinness (a Manchester United fan so he should know his stuff) says he wants to go see Norn Iron and Republic of Ireland play ….which is almost as bad as shaking hands with Mrs Windsor. But most SF people will know that he has to go thru the LetsGetAlongerist motions.

Meanwhile, out in County Tyrone, Sinn Féins court jester, Barry McElduff MLA will pretend that he has no idea what the European Football Championships and will get himself photographed in a Tyrone GAA shirt.

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