Alliance Party…Down and Hopefully Out

I am not usually the kinda person who would kick anyone when they are down. But in the case of the Alliance Party, I will happily make an exception.

They were content to drift along, picking up extra Executive seats as a reward from DUP-Sinn Féin for keeping them in power. Alternatively…Alliance selflessly served the community. But to be honest, not even the Alliance Party believe that.

Now they are not in Government, they can hardly be surprised that UUP and SDLP dont want to touch them with John Taylor’s legenary ten foot pole.

It has of course been interesting to watch Alliance try to sell themselves over the past week.It should make the next annual Conference interesting. Perhaps the Dunadry Hotel and La Mon House would  be unsuitable venues. A very large window bathed in red light in Amsterdam…that would be different.

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