Profile: North Belfast

DUP: Nelson McCausland. Paula Bradley. WIlliam Humphrey.
UUP: Rev Lesley Carroll.
Sinn Féin: Caral Ni Chuilín. Gerry Kelly.
SDLP: Nichola Mallon.
Workers Party: Gemma Weir.
TUV: John Miller.
Green: Malachai O’Hara.
UKIP: Kenneth Boyle.
PBP: Fiona Ferguson.
PUP: Billy Hutchinson.
Alliance: Nuala McAllister.
Labour Representation: Abdo Thabeth.
Independent: Fra Hughes.
Independent: Geoff Dowey.
INdependent: Tom Burns.

The 2011 breakdown was three DUP, two Sinn Féin and one SDLP. In 2011, SF had three candidates and in 2015 they spoofed about actually winning the seat at Westminster. Chastened they are only fielding the two outgoing MLAs. They will of course be re-elected.
A major surprise to see Rev Lesley Carroll standing as a UUP candidate. I am not a big fan of ministers of religion being actively involved in politics. Being involved in the community, might bring in some additional support.
SDLP are safe. NIchola Mallon was a popular Mayor and she will be able to hold Alban Magennis support and add to it. There will also be a surplus of SF votes as well as People Before Profit and Workers Party.
DUP….have two safe quotas…their third candidate will be at the mercy of transfers.
Mal O’Hara is a contributor to Slugger O’Toole….Nuff said.
And the Alliance candidate…I wont even mention.

Prediction….DUP 2, SF 2, SDLP 1….and UUP 1.

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4 Responses to Profile: North Belfast

  1. Vince says:

    Although the Alliance candidate here seems to have been given a free advertising platform on the Irish News letters page (is that still a Nationalist newspaper?), the final seat here lies between the 3rd DUP candidate, PUP & UUP. Just have a feeling that UUP might sneak it with Alliance transfers helping.

  2. Brian says:

    I think it interesting that SF stood 2 this time. In the 2011 election they stood three.

    • Exactly. Obviously its a means of protecting one or other of their “headliiners”. They talked up North Belfast as a possible gain. And Westminster proved it was impossible. But if they stood three thistime, only two would win…and….providing they gave each one the same number of potential voters…it would be embarrassing if Caral or Gerry lost.

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