Gerry Adams…Statesman?

So …Gerry Adams….Asset or Liability?



How is it that Gerry Adams, the Statesman, the Visionary and allegedly friend of Nelson Mandela, thought it was appropriate to tweet as above? How is it that eleven minutes after the first tweet, he compounds this with a second tweet.

Both tweets have now been deleted but it will be interesting to see how Sinn Féin try to spin this one away.

The worrying thing is that these tweets were actually “liked” by some of Mr Adams followers.

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4 Responses to Gerry Adams…Statesman?

  1. Vince says:

    I think that, as usual, they will try to cast Mr Adams as the victim here. Might even motivate the base in W Belfast where the battle is on to save 4 or 5 seats. Possibly unduly cynical but has occurred to me that this might even have been deliberate – the “dead cat on the table” move to distract attention away from the fact that the SF manifesto is just the DUP manifesto with a tricolour on the front.

  2. Vince says:

    My family came from the Lower Falls, Ward St, Albert St and Leeson St. They aren’t and never were n****** or Fenians (the name used in his second tweet) or indeed Papists or Taigs, except in the minds and mouths of the most sectarian of the time (and yes there would have been many of those). Such terminology, from a former public representative for the area, is unbelievable. I think that Mr Adams is out of order, out of touch and out of time.

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