President Obama…LetsGetAlongerist

I really dont have much time for President Obama. An American President will always act in the interests of United States.

It is human nature we love to hear foreign politicans say the “right” thing about domestic matters.

For example, when President de Gaulle visited Quebec and finished a speech with the words “Vive Quebec Libre!”, pro-British Canadians were outraged.

And earlier this week when President Obama spoke out against Britain leaving the European Union, his words were welcomed by the “Remain” side and he was accused of interfering in British affairs by the “Leave” side.

Today Obama spoke about people in Norn Iron finding a common identity that is neither unionist or nationalist. WHAAAATTTT? This sounds like LetsGetAlongerism to me. I am outraged.

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2 Responses to President Obama…LetsGetAlongerist

  1. zig70 says:

    He supports IE. Obama sends his kids to a private quaker school. The problem is not with Catholic schools but with people who think that Catholic schools are the problem. As for an American lecturing us on nationalism. Has he seen the rows of suburban houses with small American flags on the front lawns. Maybe Americans should create some halfway identity with Mexicans to prevent any bad feeling? I’m sure Trump would love that.

    • Education was never an issue for Catholics here. The main plank in American Civil Rights movement was Integration. Our problem was Housing and Jobs.
      Americans see it thru a different prism.

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