Poster Boys & Girls 2016: #10 Fearghal McKinney (SDLP)

Fearghal McKinney: South Belfast.

This poster is located at the Gasworks on Ormeau Road. Retired Ulster Television journalist who stood for SDLP in Fermanagh-South Tyrone (Westminster 2010). Co-opted to Assembly to replace Conall McDevitt in late 2013. Elected Deputy Leader of Party (November 2015). Effective Spokesperson on Health. South  Belfast includes City Hospital, Musgrave Park Hospital and the complex of administrative offices at Knockbracken.


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2 Responses to Poster Boys & Girls 2016: #10 Fearghal McKinney (SDLP)

  1. zig70 says:

    I can’t make my mind up about Fearghal. He speaks reasonably well on health but outside of that he isn’t setting the world on fire. Like many SDLP hopefuls in the past, he seems a bit uptight and nervous, rambling a bit when of topic. Maybe the academic trait of self doubt which is required for nearly every life situation apart from politics and management / leadership.

    • He is very good on Health. Very well briefed and on good terms with health professionals. Thats a big thing in South Belfast. And I think he is ok in front of a camera.
      A lot of Deputy Leader stuff is about being the conduit between Leader and members. Hes very good at that.
      In the interests of Openess, I am biased as he has always been supportive of me.

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