Poster Boys & Girls 2016: #8 Michelle Gildernew (Sinn Féin)

Michelle Gildernew: Fermanagh-South Tyrone.

This poster is located outside Sinn Féin office in Irish Street, Dungannon. Ms Gildernew, who is from the Tyrone part of the constituency lost her seat at Westminster last year. She was dumped at the selection convention for the Assembly and three males all from County Fermanagh were selected.

A second selection convention added her to the ticket…four candidates seems over-optimistic. Her posters do not indicate any running mates at all.


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6 Responses to Poster Boys & Girls 2016: #8 Michelle Gildernew (Sinn Féin)

  1. bangordub says:

    Have you a pic of the SF posters in Newtownards yet? I have a feeling they’ll be collectors items and,, no doubt, adorning certain bonfires in July

  2. Catholic Voter says:

    Does not bode well for SF. Apparently a similar problem in Derry. Perhaps McGuinness’s name is too long as well 🙂

    • Gildernew remains the biggest name on SF ticket and will be over the quota.
      After that its every man for himself.
      I dont think they can micro-manage the transfers.
      Likewise in Derry. MCGuinness should be over the quota and after that every man/woman for themselves.

  3. Catholic Voter says:

    Do you have your ear to the ground in Upper Bann? Do you expect SDLP to hold its seat there?

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