Poster Boys & Girls 2016: #2 Paula Bradshaw (Alliance)

Paula Bradshaw: South Belfast.

This poster is located on Ormeau Road, near Eglantine Avenue. Stood as a UUP-Tory in 2010 Westminster Election. Defected to Alliance in late 2011. Her hisband Ian Parsley had been Alliance candidate in 2009 European Election before defecting to UUP-Tory fiasco in 2011. He later rejoined Alliance. Probably only one Alliance quota in South Belfast and running mate, Duncan Morrow is Alliance “royalty” (his late uncle being a much respected Deputy Leader. The internal Alliance battle will be interesting.


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2 Responses to Poster Boys & Girls 2016: #2 Paula Bradshaw (Alliance)

  1. Sinn Féin Supporter in Tyrone says:

    Bradshaw joined Alliance after UUP didn’t select her for Assembly 2011.

    • Yes it will be quite interesting to see which Alliance candidate polls better.
      There is really. More to it than the 2011 decision.
      Ian Parsley was an Alliance councillor in North Down, elected (as I recall) on the final count.
      He then became Alliance candidate in the 2009 Euro Election.
      Then in 2010 he was North Down candidate for the risible UUP-Tory link up. He defected from Alliance. Ms Bradshaw was UUP-Tory candidate in 2010 in South Belfast.
      They are now of course married.
      In late 2011, Ms Bradshaw left UUP and took her “portfolio of skills” to Alliance.
      There are a couple of really good threads on Slugger O’Tooles archives (prolly around September 2011-November 2011).
      At some later stage Mr Parsley defected back to Alliance.
      In 2014 Ms Bradshaw was elected in Balmoral DEA to Belfast Council.
      Although Ms Bradshaw ran reasonably well in the 2015 Westminster Election, I cant really see two Alliance seats there.
      Duncan Morrow failed to get a council seat in 2014 but he is LetsGetAlongerist “royalty” and is a nephew of Addie Morrow RIP (Deputy Leader) and a cousin (I believe) of Tim Morrow who is standing in East Belfast.
      The intriguing question is which candidate Alliance rank and file in South Belfast would prefer in the Assembly.
      Duncan with his pedigree or Ms Bradshaw-Parsley who stood for UUP-Tory against them in 2010.
      On a personal note Duncans parents …Rev Dr John Morrow (former Presbyterian Moderator) and his wife were guests at our wedding in 1982.
      He is very well respected in my wifes family.
      To his immense credit, he was very amused to come face to face (at a seminar) with the anonymous blogger who ridiculed LetsGetAlongerism.

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