A Tale Of Two Sinn Féin Posters

So here is an odd thing. An Election conducted on Proportional Representation. And two posters.

Take Cat Seeley, one of two Sinn Féin candidates in Upper Bann. Seemingly she has been designated to get the #1s in Lurgan area. But her posters indicate that her supporters should give second preferences to running mate, John O’Dowd.



Contrast this with former Fermanagh-South Tyrone Sinn Féin MP, who was left off her Party’s three man (sic) ticket. All of the chosen candidates were from Fermanagh. Ms Gildernew was added at a second convention. Not surprisingly, she has been allocated the South Tyrone part of the constituency.
But curiously all of her posters (and Dungannon had a lot) does not offer any guidance on second, third and fourth preferences. It is a very curious form of vote management.


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8 Responses to A Tale Of Two Sinn Féin Posters

  1. Sinn Féin Supporter in Tyrone says:

    I wouldn’t read too much into this. Phil Flanagans posters also only indicate 1 for Phil and don’t specify the others. Proving that it’s not some kind of protest on the part of Michelle. Voters will be encouraged to transfer between SF candidates via other means.

  2. Sinn Féin Supporter in Tyrone says:

    I just watched the boy Daniel Crossan on UTV Live tonight. He certainly seems to be adopting an “attack” kind of narrative. Not sure that will play well in West Tyrone.

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