Blogging Is A Funny Old Game

I have now been publishing this Blog for four and a half years and I still dont understand how it works. Things tend to follow a pattern and yet sometimes there is no pattern.

I blogged on Sunday night about Fermanagh-South Tyrone and it seemed very routine. Yet when I woke up on Monday morning I already had a normal day’s views. Usually “overnight” is when American readers view this Blog but Sunday night-Monday morning a lot of local people were reading. It seemed a bit odd, even more so as stats went thru the roof all day Monday.

Neither Monday or yesterday was “best day ever” but certainly Monday-Tuesday was the best 48 hours ever. Although some of this can be attributed to being quoted twice in “Irish News” yesterday, it still seems odd…as I am no longer promoting the blog via Facebook (my Twitter presence is very limited) and I had published nothing since Sunday. Even more odd is the fact that more views generally means I get more comments….but comments are much the same.

I am not complaining of course. Blogging is always a leap in the dark. But there is something cosy about writing a blog ….a bit like Terry Wogan broadcasting to one person. Even Wogan would be uncomfortable with someone telling him that he was broadcasting to …three people.

So at least for a few days, I will have to raise my game….and be almost “responsible”.

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2 Responses to Blogging Is A Funny Old Game

  1. Online interest is so random I’m amazed that people can get away with claiming to have found the magic keys to gaining views. I could spend four or five days over one particular post, laboriously writing, researching, editing, and then publishing it, only for the piece to receive less than 200 views, and a few shares on Facebook or Twitter over the next twenty-four hours. Then I could spend five minutes dashing off something with little thought or planning and it will receive several thousand views and innumerable social media shares over the next twenty-four hours.

    The internet, its whims and caprices, is a total mystery and all the big media companies who claim to have found the rosetta stone of online popularity and interest are talking bollocks. Something catches fire or it doesn’t and I gave up long ago trying to predict what might happen. I just write about the stuff that interests me.

    It’s always slightly odd when it does happen though. Suddenly your cosy group of regular readers is joined by dozens or hundreds of extra ones. Its like having a regular house-party for friends or acquaintances and suddenly a 1000 gate-chasers turn up in your front room. It can be slightly disconcerting, especially when you see links to your website from or Reddit and you see people debating you and your opinions. Suddenly you’re at the other end of the microscope 😀

    • Exactly…i rarely get into the thousands. But in 72 hours its been incredible and no pattern.
      It feels like being stalked.
      But as you say, I can spend days perfecting a post and nothing happens …even negative feedback is better than none.
      Then a comparatively nonsensical post getsa lot of hits.

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