Christmas Pensioner Bonus

Nice to see that “Lord” Alderdice (former Leader of the Alliance Party) and Monica McWilliams (former Leader of Womens Coalition) have been appointed to a panel to look at “paramilitary activity”.

I dont know if there is any remuneration involved but I hope there is because pensioners like myself need all the Christmas cash we can get….I dont get my Winter Fuel Payment until February.

A Quango isnt just for Christmas!

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7 Responses to Christmas Pensioner Bonus

  1. Cork sf supporter says:

    Typical to note that no SF members have been appointed.

  2. If the Alliance Party didn’t exist in the north-east of Ireland the British would probably have to invent one. Oh wait – they did! 😉

  3. Political Tourist says:

    Monica from the Peace People 40 years back?

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