Book Review….”The Canterbury Connection” (Kitty Davies)

One of the strange things about going Online in 1998 was the discovery that everyone I met from Boise, Idaho to Athens, Georgia….was an artist, poet, musician or writer. For the record, I was a novelist of sorts.

Not all were talented. i often dreaded reading the words “tell me what you think of my new poem”

Yet the even stranger thing is that some of my friends are extremely talented and I am delighted for my friend Kitty that her long-awaited novel is now available on Amazon. Kitty and Joe spent some time in England and good to see that the “time travelling” tale is a combination of an eye for detail and a genetic feeling for historic accuracy. Kitty inherited this from her daughter, Ellen.

I like the way that four American visitors (two couples…the wives are cousins)  are swept into a time portal at Stonehenge…and transported to the Wars of the Roses…witch-finding priests,, vulnerable maids in London…..and the husbands getting sent off to fight at Agincourt.

Will Joe rescue Kitty from the stake? Will Larry rescue Kathy?

I cant give away the ending. But it is arrived at by a road that is quirky and humourous, referencing real History and a knowing nod to real-life people from our circle of friends. Surely the mad priest is not based on me?

Perhaps the parts I like best are the exchanges between Kitty and her medeival ancestor, Lady Trivett. From experience, I know that it is difficult to put 21st century values on to historic characters. Or to make values from centuries ago seem palatable to 21st century readers. I am envious that Kitty managed to do this…humour is the key. Or perhaps women are uniquely bonded.

Congrats to my friend for completing the book. She has set a lot of her friends a challenge.

“The Canterbury Connection” (Kitty Davies)….on Amazon for Kindle.

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